As one of the greatest hose and PVC granules producers, all along with utilizing modern technology in addition to knowledgeable Iranian entrepreneurs and managers’ skills, the manufacturing Company of Sarsabz Plastic has been proceeding not only towards elevation of personnel’s knowledge and skill but also towards improving products quality and competing positively with the foreign producers. The products including single-layered, multi-layered, strengthened via Polyester fiber PVC hoses in addition to specialized hoses and steel spring have gained a reputable position in this field. It's great.



Aras products: A wide range of PVC hoses strengthened via additives is available for semi-industrial application in the form of cotton rubber sheet. The diameter ranges from 12mm up to 26 mm.


It is among the most specialized producers in industrial, semi-industrial and medical hoses. All of the raw material has been inspected and checked through our laboratories. From dual-layered to tetra-layered, from 4 mm to 63 mm in diameter, Hoses under this brand are available in exclusive silver packing.


Wide diversity of this company’s products has made it one of the most diverse in size, meterage, color and use case aspects. Products of this company include everything from garden hoses to fire hoses.


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