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General questions

Specialized questions in the field of exporting

What are the products of Sarsabz Company?

Equipped with high technical knowledge and experience, this company is capable of producing all kinds of single-layered, tri-layered, granules and PVC, rope and string, freezer bag and trash bag in the highest quality.

How can we make our orders?

You may select and add items to your cart through the shopping website and then finalize the purchase.

What is the guarantee procedure?

For more information in this regard, please visit our warranty page. 

How to contact us?

You may ask your questions in this section.

What is PVC

PVC is one the main components of hoses which are sold in different colors. 

How to maintain hoses

Each type of hose has a unique maintenance manual which can result in an expanded product lifetime if it is considered.

Hello. Would it be possible to announce the price of export hoses?

Greetings, unfortunately it is not simply possible to announce the price of export hoses. The reason is that raw material formulation varies according to the merchant’s order and destination country. Based on the requisition type, prices could be announced for each item.

Can one fetch the price of export products based on the price lists posted in the website?

Yes, but only for an approximate price range. These products, having a price tag, have been produced and formulated according to Iran’s climate. However, using a discount code – exclusive for export – and a dedicated discount, it would be possible to obtain an approximate initial price for an export order (at least one shipping container of any model or mixing of different models).

Is there any chance to increase the amount of this dedicated discount in order to make the products more competitive along with better marketing in respect of more discounts provided by other companies?

I am afraid to say that discount percentage is an item for small scale transactions and minor motivation which has been propounded mentally among manufacturers and merchants.

In respect to exporting, price should be set in a way enabling you to compete, otherwise if you are not able to sell products you have bought from us, it would be probable to accuse the manufacturer of    profiteering by misusing the merchant’s awareness of other manufacturers’ price. Sadly enough, for a renowned company with a rich history of large-scale production, this would be in stark contrast with its survival. The reason lies in the fact that maximum supply along with reputation are fundamentally important for a manufacturing company on a worldwide scale of production.

How other companies knowing of this and reviewing your price lists are yet able to supply premium products at a lower price?

In order to get competitive prices regarding any product and in any country, we need to gather some information similar to the following table and then by examining the differences between products requested by the merchant or businessman and our products listed in the website, the higher competitiveness of our products would become more obvious. 

Would you kindly keep us informed about details of marketing and researching on hose products?

To produce and set price we need the following items:

  • Inner diameter of hose
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Packaging method
  • Quality of inner material
  • Quality of outer material
  • String type
  • Destination country or climate
Why is it of high importance to specify the destination country or climate?

As protecting customer’s information is a part of each company’s secrecy and considering the fact that no merchant is willing to make competitors, we need to add some additives to the raw material formulation based on the destination country’s climate so that the merchant would experience supplying and selling more conveniently, in other words, localizing the product for the destination.

Would it be problematic if we refuse to provide the climate and destination’s information?

You may order a product with A+ quality grade and the manufacturer produce it with 100% purity. Only after unloading in the destination country, you might find it impossible to supply and sell that product because of being too soft or too rigid. Therefore, it can cause annoyance accusing the manufacturing of misusing customer’s goodwill and lead to partnership break-up.

That is why this question is asked to make sure that if a product is produced targeting a hot country, it must sustain too much heat and not to soften easily and vice versa, if a cold country is the destination, the final product must be usable in cold weather.

For example, if an Iraq-based product is exported to Russia with the two having completely different climates, that very product becomes as rigid as a wood stick making it impossible to sell or supply when exposed to the cold and vice versa. All this would result in the merchant’s misunderstanding.

How can we convince customers of marketing that your products are capable of competing with their own products?

In order to answer that question and clarify the other items of the table, I would like to explain more through the following examples:

Let’s say you see heavy transparent crystal hose with the code 37 which is in accordance with the destination country but price wise, it is rather expensive. On the other hand, it is determined that   transparent German-design hose with the code 35 is equally the same but with a more affordable price making it much more valuable.

Overviewing code 35 and code 37:

  • They both have A+ quality grades.
  • Both packages are 50-meter long.
  • The packaging is the same.
  • The size is the same (1.2’’)

The only difference in price is because of the weight (code 35 weighs roughly 5 Kg and code 37 is about 7 Kg) which makes them both competitive.

Would you provide another example for further clarification?

For instance, in comparison between colored-outside PVC hose with code 51 and Atlas hose with code 45, you will see that code 45 (weighing 10 Kg) shares the exact specification (Size, Length, Packaging, Surface) as code 51 (weighing 9 Kg) But the price difference is resulted from the difference in the quality of material used for inner layer. Therefore, so many people do not understand this difference, paying attention to only appearance and price.

Another example is between colored-outside PVC with code 45 and Kuwait-design hose with code 11. The latter is lighter and despite having the same black material in its inner layers, it is much more expensive than code 45. The reason is the quality of black material used in the inner layers.

To make it even more competitive, can we choose one item of each product (color from one product, outer-layer material, inner-layer material, string type, etc. all from different products.) and in the end, mix them all together?

Yes, surely. Thoroughly producing its products and material in its site, a real producer would be 100% sure capable of meeting your needs.

One of your products has caught our attention and we have taken it as a sample but in our country, it became too soft or too hard. It raises concerns over the order. What can we do?

Producing a product according to your need and market is an easy task for us, it is highly probable that the sample you have taken was suitable for Iran’s climate. That is why providing us with information about the destination country and climate is vital to not only produce a flexible and appropriate product, but also to clear any misunderstanding. At the end of the day, developing your market would develop ours and your profit would be ours too.

Are your products capable of being exported to other countries such as European ones?

- Yes indeed. Having all necessary export-related certificates (including ISOs, CA standard of Europe, Quality control management of NACI, etc.), this company is capable of exporting all its products (different classes of granule and hoses) to every country around the world.

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