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“Sarsabz” plastic industry is a big name in the field of manufacturing hoses, because of the care of the foundations and standards in the production of hoses.
The ability of this company to satisfy all the demands of its customers through the production of a wide variety of products. In addition to the offers in the local market, the products of “Sarsabz” Plastic Industries are exported to foreign countries such as: Iraq, Turkey, Sudan, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Qatar.
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International certificates

The company “Sarsabz” for plastic industries has obtained the following international certificates: ISO 9001/4079/10004/14001 and CE European certification.
The price of water hoses
The price of the water hose varies according to its use and the materials used in the manufacturing process. In general, water hoses contain a structure consisting of two to three layers and one layer of threads.
The main materials used in the process of manufacturing hoses are high-quality materials and include excellent raw materials, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or thermoblast (reinforced and reinforced PVC).


Our quality warranty and after-sale services

“Sarsabz” plastic industry company is the first company to guarantee product quality among other companies in the field of hose manufacturing, and the company has received good reactions from customers for this step.
Launched “Sarsabz” plastic manufacturing company, which includes three brands “Atlas”, “Iran Lassa” and “Ers”, unique products in the market. “Sarsabz” Plastic Industries Company is considered as the primary and subsidiary representative of these three brands.
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