Aras Dual layered flat hose

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  • 50 Meter
  • High pressure resistance
  • High durability
  • Genuine quality
  • Flexible
  • Straight-line surface
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Withstanding pressure of 8 barAras Dual layered flat hose is produced in sizes 2”, 2.5” and 1” and 3”. The former is special for wall mounted boilers.



Watering plants and transporting pressurized fluids and gasses are among the applications.

Due to its withstanding capacity, this product is considered semi-industrial.



Two layers of special material and one layer of string have made this product relatively resistant resulting in high popularity.

It is resistant due to composition of thermoplastic and PVC having one layer of string in between. All leading to a premium hose.

It holds Sarsabz Plastic confirmation and guarantee. Considering tough conditions, Sarsabz Plastic Co. test produced hoses and should they pass the test, it includes quality assurance and guarantee.



Lack of color diversity is one of the disadvantages. On the other hand, structure, quality and the surface are among the advantages. Number of layers and their materials are also considered as advantages.

One extra red layer is produced on top which makes this hose more beautiful and also more resistant.


Appearance Aras Dual layered flat hose

One of the appearance characteristics of this product can be called a smooth surface. Another advantage of Aras Dual layered flat hose is the combination of PVC and thermoplastic, which produces a unique product.
Another feature of this product is its modern design, which is very attractive at the same time.

One of the notable points in this product is the pressure tolerance, which has been highly appreciated by the customers of this product.

This Ares product is produced in three sizes: 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch.



Among the valid standards and certificates, we can mention ISO 9001, 14001, 10004 and 4079. Another standard of this product is the European CE certificate, which is required for the export of this product.

All these items are a seal on the quality of the products of this collection.


Technical Specifications :


( Meter)

Inside diameter (mm) Size

( Inch)



Product Code
50 12 ½ 2 021
50 19 ¾ 2/5 022
50 25 1 3 023


Additional information


, ,



Variety of product colors

Matte black with a narrow red line and smooth appearance

Package type

Green cover with Aras exclusive print

Tissue inside the hose

A layer of yarn is interwoven and reinforced

product type

Combination of thermoplastic and PVC

Number of product layers

1 layer of thread and 2 layers of material

Producing country


Thermal tolerance

Approximately 30-40 degrees Celsius

Maximum burst pressure


Work pressure tolerance


Quality guarantee

With a guarantee of production and product authenticity from the factory


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