Atlas black inside PVC hose

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  • High diversity in color
  • Affordable
  • General application e.g., watering
  • Long history
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Atlas black-inside colored-outside PVC hose is one the highest selling and most popular products in Atlas’s line up.

With the slogan of quality means genuineness, Atlas is one of the oldest brands in the market.

Atlas black-inside colored-outside PVC hose:

This product is produced in all main colors and the main application is watering in farms, house yards and gardens. Due to lack of string in the intermediate layer, which results in withstanding up to maximum pressure of 3 bar, it is not a good choice for pressured use cases. Nevertheless, it is widely used in general and agricultural use cases because of its dual-layered structure resulting in high resistance and durability.


Holding international certificates, namely European CA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, all along with affordable pricing make Atlas hoses really popular in domestic and foreign markets.

With premium quality, these products are mass produced for exporting to neighboring countries.


Lower structure is premium black material having QC’s approval of Sarsabz Plastic Co.

Reinforced black along with the best raw material make this product corrosion resistant withstanding in harsh environments.

The upper layer is made of colored PVC resulting in high tensile strength as well as beauty.


Product appearance

Among the characteristics of the product, we can mention the ribbed top, which has a high variety of colors.
The bottom material of the hose is first grade black. The lack of thread in the structure of this hose makes the hose weaker and makes the hose more economical.
If you are looking for a normal hose for watering the garden or plants, it is a very good choice.

As a result, it can be concluded that atlas black inside PVC hose is produced from two layers of grade PVC material.

Advantages and disadvantages

this product is also known as an economic product, which is used as an advantage. High color variety is another advantage.
The lack of thread is also considered a defect.

( Meter)

Inside diameter (mm) Size

( Inch)



Product Code
10 12 ½ 2 47
15 12 ½ 2 48
20 12 ½ 2 49
25 12 ½ 2 50
50 12 ½ 2 45
50 19 ¾ 2.5 46




Additional information

Color Diversity

Main Colors

Packaging Type

Transparent Cover

Inside Texture

No Texture



No. of Layers






Temperature Capacity

Roughly 30 to 40°C

Maximum Bursting Point

4 bar

Working Pressure

3 bar




, , , ,



Green, Yellow, Blue, Red


Atlas – Printed – Label of Originality Certificate


Originality Certificate issued by the factory




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