Atlas water hose

From: $12.60

  • High durability and affordable
  • Popular product
  • Various sizes
  • Dual-layered structure (single layer string)
  • General & watering application
  • Withstanding 7 bar pressure
  • Bursting point up to 10 bar pressure
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It is a high-quality PVC product that sarsabz plastic company tries to satisfy customers with strict supervision, and the water hose is one of the high-quality products of sarsabz plastic.


Dual-layered water hose:

According to its high resistance, this hose is among the best Atlas products for general use cases including watering in green spaces and parks. Due to its high durability, it is the favorite product of municipality’s contractors.


Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the main advantages of this hose is its high durability. Another advantage of this hose is that it can withstand up to 7 times, which is very suitable for heavy irrigation.

One of the disadvantages of this thing



One of the advantages of watering dual-layered hose is the structure in which a single layer of string is knotted leading to high durability and premium quality.


Another feature of this product is the yarn used. This product is in the form of coconut oil. It means that the thread used can be easily seen, which has created a beautiful effect.

Due to its good resistance and high quality, this hose is suitable for agricultural and irrigation purposes .

The ingredients are first grade PVC. The yarn used is made of polyester reinforced with medical fibers .

Atlas water hose Standards:

Having international certificates, namely European CA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Atlas hoses are customers’ first choice.

Beauty and high resistance are not among the advantages of water hose . On the other hand, one disadvantage could be the lack of different colors.


Material quality:

The color being used in this product is among the most premium colors in the market leading to significantly high corrosion resistance.


( Meter)

Inside diameter (mm) Size

( Inch)



Product Code
50 12 ½ 2 29
50 19 ¾ 2/5 30
50 25 1 3 31
30 31 1 ¼


4 32
25 37 1 ½


5 33
20 50 2 6 34



Additional information

Color Diversity

Blue with white lines and smooth surface

Packaging Type

Transparent Coating


Strenghtened string



No. of Layers

2 special material and 1 string





Temperature Capacity

Roughly 30 to 40°C

Maximum Bursting Point

10 bar

Working Pressure

7 bar


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Atlas – Printed – Label of Originality Certificate


Originality Certificate issued by the factory




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