Iran Lasa rubber hose

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  • High pressure resistance
  • Long working life of the product
  • Made of high quality and specialized materials
  • Double-layer yarn product (reinforced with fibers)
  • flexible
  • semi-industrial
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Iran Lasa dual-layered stranded treaded rubber hose Is another semi-industrial product whose matt black color has projecting treads similar to tires with blue lines. This product is offered in Iran Lasa’s exclusive packaging with silver coating and safety label along with quality assurance.


It is made of a strengthened layer of string and two layers of premium special material with additives, all done under surveillance QC.


Withstanding capacity

It features withstanding capacity of 10 up to 15 bar which is adequate for transporting non corrosive pressured fluids and gasses. According to the quality and producing process, it is classified as semi-industrial, being usable in the fields of building, equipment and factory machinery.


Due to its high confidence level, this product can also be used in agriculture.



It is produced from 1.2 inches (same as water heater) up to 2 inches. Its size diversity makes it one of the most popular products in the market.


With more than twenty years of experience in hose producing, Iran Lasa is one of the leading producers. According to development programs in the R & D department, it is of no doubt that this product is going to be among the reliable items in every field.


In addition to the domestic market, these products are exported to countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Georgia, Afghanistan, Romania, etc. they are of high potential to be developed.


Appearance Iran Lasa rubber hose

Among the appearance characteristics of this product, we can mention the matte black color with a blue parallel line on the product

Another advantage of Iran Lasa rubber hose is the thermoplastic material in the hose structure. The used material has caused high tension and resistance. In fact, thermoplastic is reinforced PVC, which has created a multifaceted product.

Appropriate load bearing is another feature of this product, which has made this product one of the best and best-selling products of this collection.


Technical Specifications:


( Meter)

Inside diameter (mm) Size

( Inch)



Product Code
50 12 ½ 2 009
50 19 ¾ 2/5 010
50 25 1 3 011
30 31 ¼ 1 4 012
25 37 ½ 1


5 017
20 50 2 6 018


Additional information

Color Diversity

Matt black with blue lines with treaded surface

Packaging Type

Silver cover with exclusive Iran Lasa printing

Inside Texture

Intertwined fine string increases working pressure


Thermoplastic (Strengthened PVC)

No. of Layers

Two layers of special material + one layer of string




Iran Lasa

Temperature Capacity

Roughly 50 to 60°C

Working Pressure

10 bar


Iran Lasa- Printed


Originality Certificate issued by the factory


General, Semi-industrial


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