Iran Lasa five-layer hose

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  • Withstanding up to 30 bars pressure
  • Three layers of strengthening materials
  • Flexible
  • Reliable and pioneer brand in quality and diversity


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As its name suggests, Iran Lassa five layer hose has five layers of strengthened materials under exclusive formulation all along with fibers from the best additives.

This hose is resistant and flexible enough. One of the most common applications is transporting pressurized fluids and gasses which are being used in industrial machineries.


Externals iran lassa five layer hose

It is produced in stretched sacks from 3/8 inches up to 2 inches. It is classified as industrial due to its function.


This Iran Lasa hose has a straight, smooth and black surface.


Being one of the most renowned brands in manufacturing and exporting industrial and semi-industrial hoses, Iran Lasa is the main exporting branch of Sarsabz Plastic Co.



Having three strengthening layers results in higher durability and quality.


Being highly resistant, this hose is used for transporting pressurized fluids and gasses.

iran lassa five layer hose

Quality and high demands are features that a reliable brand must have, accordingly, Iran Lasa has achieved this in domestic and foreign markets moreover, it holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10004 and ISO 4079.

Formulation and materials

The formula of all Iran Lassa products is exclusive and is available only at Lash Plastic. Among the characteristics of this hose, we can mention the rubber powder in the hose structure. which has caused its high elasticity and resistance.

The thread used in this hose by itself has increased the life of the hose. One of the characteristics of the yarn is its structure, which is known to be above 750. This type of thread is made of reinforced polyester fibers.

Green plastic engineers and specialists have taken a big step in the production of quality products with full supervision in the production process of innovative products, by which the product warranty has reached the operational phase for the first time in this industry.


( Meter)

Inside diameter (mm) Size

( Inch)



Product Code
50 9 ½ Gas Pipe 00120
50 12 ¾ 2 00105
50 19 1 2.5 00106
50 25 1 1/4 3 00107
30 31 1 1/2 4 00108
25 37 2 5 00109
20 50 3/8 6 00110


Additional information

Color Diversity

Matt black with smooth surface

Packaging Type

Purple gunny sack with stretched coating

Inside Texture

intertwined with string (increases working pressure)


Thermoplastic (strengthened PVC)

No. of Layers

Three layers of special material + two layer of string




Iran Lasa

Temperature Capacity

Roughly 80 to 100°C

Maximum Bursting Point

60 bar

Working Pressure

50 bar


Iran Lasa- Printed


Originality Certificate issued by the factory




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