Granule PVC


PVC granules

A granule is a particle whose size is 3 x 3 mm or smaller. PVC granule is a product of PVC powder that turns into granules during processes.

Granules can be placed in different categories. The first classification method can be called grade type.
The grade of these products ranges from grade 100 (it is considered soft and the product will be soft) to grade 140, which is a hard grade.
These products can be produced in many colors so that the hand of the producer is completely open and the color cannot have an effect on the production. Normally, transparent granules are placed in the first grade category because they do not have additional additives in the composition.
Another category that can be considered is two types of first grade and recycled.
First-class granules are produced from PVC powder, while recycled granules are made from recycled plastic materials. The use of equipment and good recycled materials can produce granules of first-class granule quality.

Another category that can affect the price of granules is the type of these materials, which are generally divided into three categories.

  • Transparent PVC granules
  • Milky PVC granules
  • Black PVC granules

The most expensive of these items is transparent granule, and the reason for this is the absence of additional additives. These materials are mostly used in medicine and food industry. Although it has more uses for beauty and high quality and other reasons.
One of the main features of milk granules is high transparency. This category of materials can be produced in two ways, hygienic and normal, which are produced depending on the type of use. The main meaning is that transparent materials are non-toxic and completely hygienic.

Milk granules

This PVC granule has lost some transparency due to the presence of some additives in the granule structure, and it is more cloudy than the transparent granule. Normally, these materials are not used in the medical industry, but they have been widely used in other industries.

Black granules

It is difficult to distinguish the recycled black granule from the quantitative level. As mentioned, if good recycled materials are used, materials similar to first-class black materials are formed. Black granule can be recognized by its smell, although its smell can be prevented by adding other agents.

The variety of prices of granules is very high, so that a seemingly similar product can have several prices with large differences.
Green production of plastic has become one of the top producers in this field by finding the main sources of raw materials in the field of granules. So that you can get the best price and the best product for your order, which has high competitive characteristics compared to similar products.

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