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He pointed out the uses of the water hose such as use in gardens and washing different spaces, irrigation, industrial machinery. Water hoses have different sizes, these sizes are from 1.2 inches to 2 inches, which should be the right type for use in the yard and garden, if there is a floor pump and the hose is left in the open air and the existing weather conditions. chose

For easier and faster collection of hoses, large size hoses are not recommended due to the high weight of the hose reel. It is recommended to use resistant hoses (smaller size but threaded) and lighter that have a long life.

If there is a pump in the way of the hose, a smaller size but with a better thread layer and more layers to withstand higher pressure is recommended.

A hose is a hollow and flexible tube that transports liquids and gases from one place to another. Hoses are produced for different uses and in different sizes.
Suitable water hose specifications

Water hose is one of the devices that are found and used in gardens, orchards, agricultural lands, house yards and balconies, etc. Hoses may seem simple. But there are different types in which materials and structure play a role in their unique characteristics and applications.

Water hoses are used in various places. People do not know which hose is suitable for which conditions. In fact, different places affect the hose in terms of weather conditions, which may increase or decrease the life of the hose.

Manufacturers produce water hoses usually cloudy or clear. Turbid water hoses are usually used in agriculture and factories to transport water and gases. But clear water hoses are more beautiful than other hoses and you can see the liquid inside due to the transparency of the product, so they are often used for domestic purposes.

Hose water

Hose water

Water hoses available

There are different types of water hoses as follows:
Agricultural water hose

Agricultural hoses are more important than in the past due to the lack of water resources. According to Ibn, it is a point that they are mostly used in agricultural lands. These water hoses are resistant to environmental and atmospheric conditions. In the sense that it is resistant to sunlight or cold and does not rot or perish. They have a long lifespan. These factors are the most important factors for choosing an agricultural water hose. Water hoses for irrigation have different diameters and are from 2.5 to 8.5 inches.

Drip irrigation hose: This hose is suitable for agriculture and can spread water without restrictions on agricultural land.

The main advantage of using a drip irrigation hose is saving water. It will also provide water directly and equally to all parts of the agricultural land and increase the productivity of the land.
Household water hose

Household water hose is one of the most popular types of products that has a high volume of purchase requests in the market. In the way that they use it in every house for irrigation etc. The household water hose can be made of all kinds of plastic.

PVC hose

PVC hose

These hoses are different. Each of them has its own characteristics and uses, which indicate the raw materials used in it. This means that the irrigation water hose should be resistant to cold and heat and should not wear out too soon.
Gardening water hose

Garden water hose is another type of hose that is used to transfer water to the garden, garden and green space. The garden water hose is made of soft plastic, synthetic rubber and extruded. These materials are reinforced with inner strands of fibers that have different diameters.

Also, due to its original nature, this product must be very resistant. These types of hoses can be easily connected to other connections so that everything can be done easily.
Water hoses

Hoses, these hoses are known for their high flexibility. Due to this characteristic of this hose, water can be directed in different directions without restrictions.

One of the main advantages of hoses is the size and dimensions, they are produced in different sizes. One of the most important features of this type of water hose is its high resistance to high temperature. Among the features of this product, it can be mentioned that it can be used in high temperature environments. Hose hose has been able to record high durability, resistance and longevity, that’s why it is very popular among consumers.
Industrial water hose

In addition to agriculture, water hoses are used in various industries such as car washes and industrial devices to transfer water from one place to another. Of course, it should be said that agricultural and industrial water_hoses are different from each other. This means that the efficiency of each one is different and this difference consists of the structure of the two.

Industrial hose

Industrial hose

Industrial water hose has its own standards. For this reason, it has a higher quality. The plastic used in this equipment is of high quality and first-class material, which increases its quality. The most common uses of this type are for factories. One of the characteristics of industrial water_hoses is to transfer water with very high pressure while maintaining safety. Due to the internal structure and the number of compressed layers used in the manufacture of these products, liquid transfer takes place at a faster rate.
Iranian water hose

Shillings made in Iran have high quality and reasonable price, that’s why the consumers of this product are looking for domestically made products. Although these products have a high volume of Iran’s exports to neighboring countries.

Among the features that make these hoses special, the following can be mentioned.

These hoses are resistant to corrosion, also Iranian hoses made of plastic are resistant to fire and have a very high potential.
Types of water_hoses in terms of gender

Another main criterion for choosing the category and type of water_hoses is the ingredients and formulation in the production of these products. The water hose consists of:
PVC water hose

PVC hose is known for its cheapness and high quality. They use woven yarn fibers for durability. This type of hose is made by placing several layers on top of each other. Other characteristics of being flexible and soft, resistance to harmful rays have high resistance. Another attractive feature is the wide variety of colors of these products. The wide color combination is one of the characteristics of these products, because the color combinations are not visible in hoses of different genders.



Polyurethane water hose

This type of water_hose is light and somewhat rigid. Polyurethane hose is usually produced by stretching. The main use of this product is easier and more convenient irrigation.
Rubber hose

The rubber water_hose is heavy. It is resistant to impact, although it has good flexibility, but if it is continuously stretched on the same surface, it will suffer from corrosion.
Ways to increase the life of the water_hose

Use special industrial hoses to transfer liquids under pressure and chemicals.

Avoid bending or bending while watering.

Avoid exposing the hose to direct sunlight.

In the cold seasons of the year, make sure that the water in the hose is empty.
Water hose size

Due to the fact that this product has a wide variety of sizes, dimensions and weight, by knowing the general information, you can make an easier choice when buying.

1 inch water_hose, 23 kg

2 inch 10 kg water_hose

3.4 inch water_hose 17 kg

3 inch 20 kg water_hose
The best-selling water_hoses available in lush plastic

Choosing a good hose is one of the most difficult choices among similar products. But we have to choose and buy depending on the type of work that is required. Among the categories are: agricultural, industrial and high pressure water_hose.

Among the characteristics of a suitable hose, the following can be mentioned.

Made with first-class materials

High Quality

Resistant to external friction

The price is right

Use of practical parts

Produced in favorable conditions
How much is the price of the water hose?

The price of water_hose depends on various factors. The items affecting the price are listed below.

Brand, material, raw material, diameter, application, material quality, size and dimensions of the hose are also other effective factors. Although the brands may have relatively higher prices due to factors such as credit, certification and the materials they use.
Tips for buying a water_hose

Choosing a hose without enough information is a difficult and difficult choice, but in order to make the choice easier, it is better to consider the type of our needs.

Today, there are many ways to buy a water_hose. From face-to-face services to store sites. You can easily get useful information by searching the hose you need on the Internet.
The size of water_hoses in the market

Size is another main factor in determining the hose. This product is produced in different sizes to be suitable for doing any work. The size of this product is explained below.

The question may have arisen, what is meant by the hose with a score of 2, how many inches is the hose? We will explain to you how many inches each grade is, if you hear that the water hose of grade 2 or 5 is as follows:

Score 2 = 1/2 inch

Score 2.5 = 3/4 inch

Score 3 = 1 inch

Score 4 = 1.1/4 inches

Score 5 = 1.1/2 inches

Score 6 = 2 inches

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