Alignment hose and complete familiarity with it

Alignment hose and complete familiarity with it

Alignment hose and complete familiarity with it

With the development of the population and the prosperity of the construction industry, the use of level hose has become common.Despite the increasing progress of technology, this product is used more due to its availability and affordable price.This type of hose is used to find alignment points This hose has a different application compared to other agricultural, threaded, etc. irrigation hoses. It may even be interesting for you to know that in addition to the application, it has different specifications and sizes and is produced from different raw materials than other hoses. to be.

What is a Alignment hose?

This product is actually a transparent tube with a diameter of 7 to 10 mm, which is made of plastic, and its length is between 5 and 20 meters.One of the important reasons for its transparency is that we can use water to show the level of the surface and easily see the result.And it works like this, when you pour water into it, the water level should be at the same height at the beginning and at the end, which is called Torricelli’s law in physics.

Applications of  hose

As we briefly explained above, you have noticed that the use of this product is subject to the law of physics (Torricelli’s law).And in general, it is used to level the surfaces and it is considered a convenient method for leveling in the construction industry.The leveling hose is also used for installing and leveling operations in false ceilings, installing cabinets, installing frames and upper operations in buildings.

How to use the Alignment hose ?

So far, you have familiarized yourself with this type of hose and its use. Stay with us to learn how to use it.As we have already explained, this product is subject to the laws of physics and we need two people to do it.In the first step, you should fill the hose with water so that there is about 20 cm of free space on both sides of the hose, and during use, be sure to pay attention to the fact that there are no bubbles inside the hose, because the presence of bubbles will cause errors.In the next step, when you are sure that there are no bubbles, it is the turn of two people to hold a part of the hose head.

The first person, who is known as the base, should hold the hose in such a way that the water level is the same as the corresponding code.And the second person who has the end of the hose should be placed in the place where we need the height code and then he should move the head of the hose up and down so that the water level is level with the horizontal line and in this way we can Determine the alignment points.

Alignment hose and complete familiarity with it

transparent hose

What points should we pay attention to when using a Alignment hose ?

Observing a series of points when using this product will help you do your work more accurately and quickly. One of these points can be mentioned the diameter of the hose, which is better than hoses with a diameter greater than 7 in order to get accurate results. do not use

As we mentioned above, make sure there are no bubbles in the hose when using it.

Avoid shaking and sudden movements during use.

Another important factor that is very important is the color of the alignment hose, which must be clear so that the alignment work does not face errors.And in addition to being transparent, it should be clean and pollution-free. Also, during the leveling stages, we must pay attention to the weather conditions, for example, we cannot do leveling in stormy or rainy conditions.

Another important point is that in addition to the diameter, you should also pay attention to the length of the hose, using hoses that are longer will cause kinks in it.

In order to have a better observation in leveling, we suggest you to use colored liquids and liquids instead of water, and make sure that there is about twenty centimeters of space on each side of the hose.

What raw material is the transparent hose made of?

It might be interesting for you to know that this type of transparent hose is made of PVC, and no thread or manjidi is used for its production, and in fact, this product is made of transparent plastic, which is durable, cheap, and transparent in manufacturing. The product is used.

Alignment hose specifications

This hose is made of a plastic layer and it is light and has a small weight, which makes the alignment to be done quickly and it is easy and convenient to move it.This product is available in different sizes in the market.

And you, as a buyer, must pay attention to its material, diameter and length when buying. The price of this product is determined according to its quality, but we suggest you to familiarize yourself with all kinds of brands before buying so that you can find a product with Buy the right quality and price.

Of course, many manufacturers are competing to produce this product. As a buyer, you should look for the best manufacturer of this product

final word

In this article, we tried our best to introduce you to the leveling hose, its use and how to use it, and you realized that it is very easy to use. Due to its affordability and accessibility, not only in the construction industry, but also It is also very useful in other cases.

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