All kinds of PVC hoses

All kinds of PVC hoses

All kinds of PVC hoses

In this article, we are trying to introduce you to the types of PVC hoses so that you can know more about their types and applications. It may be interesting for you to know that PVC, this valuable material, was discovered by a French chemist named Henry Regneau in 1385 AD. When the newly discovered gas vinyl chloride was accidentally exposed to sunlight, it turned into a solid substance, which we know as polymerization.

What is a PVC hose?

As we mentioned before, all types of PVC hoses are made of a type of thermoplastic material called polyvinyl chloride. The use of these hoses was welcomed since 1960 for its unique features and was introduced in all fields such as agriculture, manufacturing and other industries.

All kinds of PVC hoses

These types of hoses have different types according to their application and uses, such as PVC agricultural hoses, hoses, transparent hoses, reinforced hoses, etc., which we are trying to briefly explain to you. Let’s get to know its types.

Transparent PVC hose

Another type of PVC hose is the transparent hose, which, because of its transparency, we can easily monitor the transfer and passage of fluids. These types of hoses are very light, so they are very easy to transport. In addition to its lightness, we must remember that one of its important features is its high resistance. This type of hose has a transparent body and is available in two ways: striped or non-striped.

Flat PVC hoses

This product is made in different thicknesses and lengths according to the customer’s needs. It is resistant to chemicals, acids and UV rays. One of its unique features is that it does not absorb water and is anti-mold. This type of hose can withstand high working pressures up to 6 bar and its burst pressure is 3 times the working pressure.

It has high flexibility and is resistant to corrosion. This type of hose is light like transparent PVC hoses, so it is very easy to transport.

PVC irrigation hoses

This product has become an important component for irrigating gardens, agricultural lands and fields, etc. It consists of three layers, the outer and inner layers are made of flexible PVC and the middle layer is made of polyester. The most important feature of this product is to connect all kinds of water sprinklers to its head and it can be equipped with all kinds of water sprinklers. This product is also made in different sizes and colors according to the customer’s needs. It should be noted that due to the presence of a polyester layer in its structure, it has higher tensile strength.

PVC hose reinforced with steel wire

This transparent model, which is reinforced by a spiral steel wire, has high stability. The presence of these wires in the structure of this type of hose has increased the flexibility in addition to the strength, and as a result, it is resistant to bending and cracking. I ate more resistant.

Fiber reinforced PVC hose

This product has unique chemical and physical properties and is available in two transparent and non-transparent forms. This type of hose is odorless and non-toxic, so it can be used with ease. It can also be used in a temperature range between 10 and 65 degrees Celsius

Application of all kinds of PVC hoses

PVC hoses have become an important element in our daily life and are used in agriculture, household consumption and industry. Transparent PVC hose is used for water transfer, fishing, drainage, etc.

Also, flat PVC hose is used for irrigation of agricultural crops, drainage systems, for extinguishing fire in fire engines, swimming pools and in the marine industry.

PVC hoses reinforced with steel wire are used to transport fluids such as water, oil, petroleum, steam and chemicals.

Fiber-reinforced PVC is odorless and non-toxic, so it can be a good choice for transporting food items such as milk or drinks. Also, this product is used for domestic, industrial and urban purposes for transporting fluids.

PVC irrigation hoses, as the name suggests, are used to irrigate agricultural lands, fields, gardens and parks.

Buying all kinds of PVC hoses

We tried our best to briefly introduce you to the types of PVC hoses, the unique features of each and their use, so that you can make the best purchase in the market according to your purpose. You can find out about the list and prices of products of different brands with a simple search on your phone to make a safe purchase.

last word

As you have noticed, with the advent of the amazing PVC material, all kinds of PVC hoses with different applications have been produced and marketed all over the world, so it becomes a little difficult for you to choose, but there is no need to worry because with a little research, you can choose the best brands. Get to know different and buy the best and highest quality product

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