High pressure hose and causes and symptoms of failure

High pressure hose and causes and symptoms of failure

failHigh pressure hose and causes and symptoms of failureure

In this article, we are trying to introduce you to the causes and symptoms of High pressure hose. Today, with the advancement of the industry, the use of this product plays a very important role in the agricultural, petrochemical, and automobile industry.This product with a different structure is used to transfer materials and fluids to make the devices work Therefore, it has become more necessary than ever and in fact it is considered one of the important elements of the production cycle and they are produced to perform best for you under strong pressure and difficult conditions.


Factors and reasons of high pressure hose failure

Before getting to know the causes of failure, one of the most important things to use high pressure hoses correctly is that In the first step, you should pay attention to the type of activity and environmental conditions, and then buy this practical tool based on that.

Effects of temperature

High pressure hoses should only be used within the temperature range for which they are designed.If it is placed in the vicinity of a temperature exceeding the specified limit, it may cause it to harden, and also temperature changes cause shrinkage and eventually lead to cracking. So we conclude that it affects its life span and capacity and bearing capacity. It reduces the pressure.

Pressure changes

Excessive pressure also affects the damage of the hose. This excessive pressure may sometimes occur due to wrong settings that must be checked periodically or sudden changes in the workload may occur.


As we mentioned above, temperature changes cause cracking in the hose structure, which can be considered another cause of failure. Improper connections are also not insignificant in this matter, sometimes cracks occur because the gun and hose are not properly connected to each other.

High pressure hose and causes and symptoms of failure

High pressure hose and causes and symptoms of failure

Signs of high pressure hose failure

We tried to usefully and briefly provide explanations about the causes of failure of high pressure hose. Now that we know the causes of failure, it is time for the symptoms of failure, the occurrence of these symptoms can indicate the existence of a possible problem.

Material and fluid leakage

One of the symptoms of high pressure hose failure is leakage from the hose or its connections. This material leakage or leakage causes the device to fail and as a result to the waste of materials. Ignoring this issue can also cause financial damage

pressure reduction

Another sign of failure in high-pressure hoses is a decrease in pressure, which also causes problems with the device’s performance

Making unusual sounds

Sometimes you hear unusual sounds when using high pressure hoses, which is not unimportant and should not be ignored, and in fact, these unusual sounds are a warning to you that the cause of this sound may be caused by leakage and discharge. material

High pressure hose failure solutions

So far, we have learned about the causes and symptoms of high pressure hose failure, and we have realized that this type of hose plays a vital and very important role in the industry, and its failure causes equipment to stop and thus causes damage.Therefore, to solve this problem, we must consider the best method and solution depending on the type of failure and the severity of the damage.

Periodic and regular visit

Before anything else, we remind you that prevention is better than cure and this saying applies in this case as well. Therefore, by checking a few points, we can prevent losses to some extent.Preventing the failure of high pressure hoses requires correct and correct maintenance, which in the first stage includes periodic and regular visits and checks, and with pressure testing and replacement of covers, we can control the conditions to prevent failure

High pressure hose repair

Sometimes the damage is not so big that we have to replace the hose and we can fix the damage with a simple repair such as welding, but the problem is not always solved by repair and depending on the type of damage and the opinion of the expert. It should be repaired because it is possible that serious injuries and irreparable damages may occur when damage and failure occur

Adjust the pressure

Setting the system pressure to the permissible limit is another way to solve the problem. And when we want to check, it should reach 1/5 times the working pressure, and the most important thing is that it should be between zero and the working pressure.And the pressure test is considered the most important test in the product. And during the test, we must be careful to maintain this pressure for more than 2 minutes without the slightest injury

High pressure hose replacement

If the damage or cracking is so bad that it cannot be repaired, you will have to replace it with a new hose, and in fact, replacing it is the only way you can be sure that it is safe, and it is better to do this to Leave it to an expert because it can be dangerous and caution is a condition of wisdom. And to protect yourself, be sure to use gloves and glasses from fluids, and use a mask when changing if there is no proper ventilation.


Our attempt to write this article was to introduce you, the dear consumer, to the factors that cause high pressure hose failure so that you can solve the problem in the shortest possible time.and prevent the occurrence of personal and financial damage. In fact, our goal was that knowing these things, you can do your work without worry and have the best efficiency.



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