Granule and getting to know it

Granule and getting to know it

Granule and getting to know it

With the increase of the population and the advancement of technology, the use of plastic products became very prosperous, as a result, methods and devices were created for the production of products.And granule plays an important role in this industry. In fact, it is not possible for you to be a producer of plastic products and not have heard the name of this material.Because it has always won this competition among the raw materials for making plastic products due to its many advantages.

What is PVC granule?

A misconception about granule is that it is a type of polymer material. At the same time, this material was initially powdery and then turned from powdery to granular and is produced from new or recycled polymer materials.One of the important reasons why manufacturers use this material is that it is easy and convenient to use, and it does not spread in the air like powders, and as a result, it does not cause breathing problems for workers or even contamination, and most importantly, it prevents waste. Takes.

What is the production of PVC granules?

to produce this material, which turns powder, waste and flakes into granules, and each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.Among the most famous production methods, we can mention granule production using string method, dry method, production with blue ring cutting system and production using underwater cutting systemAnd It might be interesting for you to know that in Iran, among these mentioned production methods, string and dry production is used more.

Machines and devices play an important role in granule production. Granulators and extruders are among the most important and widely used devices in the production line.

What are the uses of granules?

The main application of granules, as we mentioned above, is the raw material in the production of plastic products.
And because the demand for plastic products is high, it plays an important role in production. It doesn't matter whether it is new or recycled, it is used in this industry.But the important point about the recycled type is that it is prohibited to use it in the production of some sensitive products.It is used in different industries depending on its type and grade.

What points should we pay attention to when buying PVC granules?

As a producer in this industry, you should consider some things to buy. One of the things that you should pay attention to when buying is the quality and the right price. We would like to mention that you can have a safe purchase by following these points.


Price, the first and most important point in buying

Unfortunately, as you know, the currency price fluctuates a lot and the price of granules is announced daily, and the fluctuations may even be such that the price changes several times during the day, making it difficult for the consumer to buy votes That is why we say that the price is considered the first factor in the purchase and should be paid attention to. The important thing before buying is to ask a few companies and then buy with peace of mind.

Selection according to its need and application

You should prepare granules according to the product you want to produce.As we said, there are different types and grades. For example, if you are a producer of plastic products such as kitchen utensils, cables, etc., you should use different grades of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Find the best manufacturer

Before buying, you can get to know all kinds of brands and manufacturing companies with a little inquiry and research or even search on the Internet and carefully choose the best option for buying and make sure that the brand is authentic because you deserve the best.

<Granule and getting to know it

What factors affect the quality of PVC granule?

Now that you are familiar with the stages of its production and use, it is not without grace to be familiar with the things that affect its quality. Various factors affect the quality of this material, and we are trying to address each of them separately and give brief explanations so that you can produce a quality product by knowing these factors.

The effect of raw material quality on granule

The use of raw materials plays an important role in its quality. New materials and recycled materials are used in production. In the case of new materials, granules are produced using first grade petrochemical powder. In recycled cases, the materials are washed and made into flakes and then enter the machine.Regarding the recycled type, collecting recycled materials and washing them are two important points that must be paid attention to and observed.

Attention to the quality of the device

As a producer, in addition to the quality of the raw materials, you must also consider the quality of the device, and in order to have a successful production line, you must take this into account. The granulator and extruder are among the most important devices in this industry. 

Attention to additives and color in granule

During the production of granules, adding additives is one of the important points that are used to improve the inherent weaknesses of the product or to improve performance.Additives used in the recycled type are stabilizers and softeners.Another influencing factor on the quality is the color that is added during the production stage, and it is interesting to know that the closer the color used is to colorless, the higher the quality of the product.

What factors affect the price of PVC granule?

One of the factors that affects the price is the color, the colorless type is the most expensive, and the darker the color, the cheaper the price. And the last thing is the type of plastic that the more petrochemical properties it has, the higher its value is, and as a result, its price is also higher.

final word
We hope that we have been able to reduce some of the concerns of your dear ones regarding the preparation of granules with good quality and price. So that you can make a safe and affordable purchase with full knowledge. And always get the necessary information before buying, so that you can raise your awareness and make a purchase by inquiring the price from reputable companies. So that you can be a manufacturer of products. Plastic, provide quality products to the market.


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