Price per meter of hose

water hose

water hose

To determine the price of the hose, different parameters should be mentioned, normally, the hoses are calculated based on two types of price, one meter of hose and one kilo of hose.

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How to price a hose

Pricing parameters

  • Type of materials used (recycled or first class)
  • Number of layers and load resistance
  • Type of hose application
  • The brand of the hose manufacturer
  • Hose softness or stiffness
  • Fat and weight
  • degree of transparency or opacity

All the things mentioned above play a role in determining the price of the hose. Although the mentioned items are variable and the parameters can be changed depending on the customer’s needs to create the desired product.

The effect of the type of material on the price of the hose

One of the main factors is the price of the materials used. Material refers to all the constituent factors in the product, which in the hose can include thread, hose material (PVC, rubber, polyurethane), color quality.


In terms of price, PVC hoses are the cheapest type of hose.

Besides being cheap, PVC material also has a long lifespan, which is the reason for its popularity and high sales.

Rubber hoses also have high resistance, but because they are expensive, they have little consumption, so that most of the hoses used in industries and daily life are of PVC type.

In addition to all the mentioned cases, two other actions are involved in the price of materials, which are divided into two categories: recycled and first-class materials.

Certainly, recycled materials have a lower price than first-class materials.

When talking about recycled materials, it reminds of low quality products, which is a wrong thinking. Because recycled materials are used depending on the type of application and function of the hose. With all these cases, most of the hoses are produced from first-class materials and the recycled materials are at the customer’s request.

To know the type of material, you can read the product details table before buying.

Layer and product resistance


Another characteristic that can be expressed is the number of layers of the product, which has a direct relationship with the weight of the product. The layer is directly related to the useful life of the hose.

The number of hose layers can also indicate the use of the hose because industrial hoses are usually produced with a high number of layers.

The public hose that is available to people is usually composed of two to three layers of material. Although the resistance and lifespan of the hose depends on other external factors, which in case of non-compliance can lead to the destruction of the hose in the long term.

One of the factors that is very effective in destroying the texture of the hose is the way the hose is placed, which is when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Although it is recommended to ensure that the water inside the hose is drained during the cold seasons.

To make it easier to collect the hose, you can use a hose collector that can make the job easier.

The effect of hose application on the price per meter

Atlas colored transparent stranded hoses rubber

Atlas colored transparent stranded hoses rubber

The use and type of operation of the hose can affect the material and price of the product. In industrial products, the production should be done with more delicacy and precision. This delicacy can include the type of materials and combinations of materials to the thread and the production process. Due to the use of complex formulations, industrial products have a higher price than other products. As a result, it can be concluded that the more power we want from the hose, the more we have to pay.

The industrial and semi-industrial uses of these PVC hoses are mostly in factories.

The brand of the hose manufacturer


One of the other factors that can affect the price of each meter of hose is the brand of the product. Usually, brands distribute their products at a relatively higher price in the market due to their reputation and name in the market. At first glance, he may consider a different product with a lower price to be more appropriate. But after purchase, there may be a case for the product and it has no reason to respond, if buying from a brand can have a strong support.

Although it cannot be said that the products of different brands have a higher price than different products, but even so, considering the conditions of buying from a reputable brand, it is more cost-effective.

Softness or hardness of the product


The softness or hardness of the product can be affected by having several factors. The first one refers to the raw material called PVC granules and the second one is the additives involved in the formulation.

PVC granules are the raw materials of these products, which are injected into the hose making machine and placed in the production line. These materials have different grades that are injected depending on the customer’s needs. These grades have a percentage of hardness and softness, which is known as grade. It can be said that each grade has a unique price. Using soft grades produces a jelly product and vice versa.

The second factor is the additives used in the formulation. In general, the use of oils can have a direct effect on softness or hardness. There are different types of oil. But when using it, high quality oil should be used. In case of poor quality of this product, it can cause problems such as bad smell, oil return and color return of the product.


One of the price differences in similar products that is hidden from the eyes of consumers is the use of oils. Accordingly, the use of high-quality oil in the hose prevents the bad smell of the product and discoloration. Although it has a relatively higher price, it is more cost-effective in terms of economy and durability.


Hose thickness and weight – Price per meter of hose

It was said above that hoses are priced based on meters and weight. The thickness of the product is related to the weight. The heavier the product, the higher the price and resistance. The thickness of the product is formed by placing thicker layers on top of each other, which results in the use of more materials in production.

Most of the hoses are produced with standard thickness. For example, the appropriate weight for a 50-meter hose ring can be considered between 7 and 8 kilos (of course, for size “1.2” or grade 2). The standard weight for hoses should be defined depending on their length and size.

degree of transparency or opacity


The transparency or turbidity depends on the additives during the production of the hose. The transparency of the products can be one of the main factors in determining the price. One of the main reasons for the low price of various products that are not noticed by buyers can be this case. These materials can be a suitable combination for hose makers due to their volume and low price. However, excessive use can cause the tissue of the hose to be destroyed, which can be seen in the frequency of using the hose.

Transparent hoses are the result of using high-quality materials, which indicate longevity and high quality. But the hoses that are too cloudy show that people are profiteering. As a result of this article, it should be understood that transparent hoses have a higher price due to the use of first-class materials, and on the contrary, cloudy hoses have a lower price and quality. .


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