Cheap hose

The following points can be mentioned among the characteristics of cheap hose.


  • Single layer hoses (no extra layer)
  • threadless
  • Secondary materials (recycled materials)
  • Low color quality
  • Various sellers
  • Use of poor quality materials (oil and threads and materials combined with formulation)


Single layer hoses

In order to save money, buying a single-layer hose can be very efficient. This type of hose, due to the lack of structures such as threads and layers of other materials, can be a good option for those who are looking for a cheap product. But in addition to all these things, it should be pointed out what the intended product is intended for. Why not every hose is suitable for every job. For example, PVC hoses are not suitable for gasoline hoses because there is a factor in gasoline that causes corrosion and destruction of the hose over time.

Threadless hoses

Yarn is one of the main price factors in the product. Threads can raise or lower the price of a product. The use of threads in the hose can be used to create a strong and resistant wall. Threads give unique characteristics to hoses, the most important of which is longevity and high flexibility.

Hose threads are classified into different categories. Normally, yarns are classified based on the thickness of the yarn.

It can be concluded that threadless hoses have a lower price than the rest of the products, but we should not forget that they have a longer life and higher quality.
Secondary or recycled materials

Second grade materials are one or recycled materials which are known as economic products. Recycled materials are created from the re-production of other products that are created during the stages of work. In a normal state, there is no problem with the standard and size use of these materials. But by making these materials available to profit-seeking people and excessive use, it can create a low-quality and disposable product.

It is difficult for normal people to recognize these materials and the products produced from these materials. Cheap hoses can be divided into two categories. The first category of products that have been used in the standard and specific amount of these materials and produced a high-quality product.

The second category can be said to be a product that has a significant amount of recycled materials.


Of course, this point should be taken into account that most people remember high-quality products after hearing about recycled materials. This way of thinking is wrong because if the standard size is used in the product, it will not only reduce the quality but also cause a lower price for the product.

Low color quality

Cheap hose - color

Cheap hose – color

Color is considered a beauty factor for any product. Color can be one of the purchasing criteria and maybe the color of the product is noticeable at first glance. PVC hoses are known for their attractiveness and high color variation. Hose colors can be priced based on transparency and durability. Normally, colors that have high transparency are more expensive than other colors.

So we come to the conclusion that color can also affect the price.


Various sellers (producers).

One of the main reasons that can make a big difference in the price is the seller. This can have many reasons, but the issue that comes up is the lack of brand and identity card for the product. Because only the product is produced and there is no trace of the consequences and the producer.

The low price of a hose can be due to secondary or recycled materials, inappropriate and poor quality compounds, low life span, bad smell, etc.

But on the other hand, buying from a brand can include accountability in all aspects, even the return of the amount.

Use of poor quality materials

The use of low-quality materials can be considered as one of the main factors affecting the price of hoses. The existing unsavory oils have caused the price of the product to drop, but this is not the only factor that has an effect on it. Other consequences of these substances are the return of oil and the destruction of the beauty and color of the product. When these products are exposed to sunlight, the process of product destruction accelerates.

There are other materials that can affect the hose.

Other consequences of using low-quality materials can be hardening in the hose in cold seasons and giving back and loss of texture, appearance and color in hot seasons.

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