serum hose

Consumable serum sets have different components, but in this article we discuss about the serum hose and how to produce it.

Serum hoses can be seen in different sizes, but they are usually produced in 3 mm size. Due to the importance of this product, it is necessary to use first-class and hygienic materials. First-class materials can be recognized by their physical properties. One of the main characteristics of first-class materials is transparency and high gloss. These products are produced without any smell or turbidity and they do not have any unpleasant smell, which indicates first-class materials. The higher the level of transparency, it can be concluded that the product was produced without any additives.

Constructive materials

Most of these products are made of PVC material, which is in the form of PVC granules. Due to the abundance and cheapness of PVC products, this serum hose is mainly made of PVC. The granules of these materials must be transported and produced in special conditions according to their performance.

Medical hose

Medical hose


Production process of serum hose

As mentioned above, the production of this category of products has different conditions. Among these things is the sterilization of production equipment, which is done periodically. Another challenge is how to store raw materials, which are PVC granules. So that the storage place must be free of any germs and pollutants. In order to reduce the percentage of errors in production to zero, before using the previously sterilized materials, they are re-sterilized to produce a flawless product. Of course, the place of storage and the type of packaging have a special place. Although the production steps have a higher priority, the maintenance conditions are also important.


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