Agricultural hose

Agricultural hose

Agricultural hose

One of the most important characteristics of agricultural hose is durability and longevity.

Agricultural hoses can be divided into many categories. Usually farmers choose resistant hoses that can be used for years. Due to frequent and long-term use of these products and exposure to different weather conditions (winter and summer), the product must have high power. In this article, we describe some features of agricultural hose.

Characteristics of agricultural hose

The first challenge that has a direct relationship with the life of the product is the resistance of the product body. Due to the type of placement and involvement of this product, it is necessary to have a resistant body between the leaves.

One of the other challenges is the type of collection, which is collected completely incorrectly in most cases. Dragging on the ground and getting stuck between objects are among the things that increase the breakdown process.

Another challenge is location. Location is one of the main factors of product durability. In case of direct exposure to sunlight or cold for a long time, it causes the layers of the product to be lost and as a result, the product is damaged.

Of course, there are other points in the collection that should be taken into account. One of these points is to ensure that the water inside the hose is removed. Another thing that is very common is hand-made or non-standard hose collectors, which can cause damage to the hose. If the hose collector does not collect the hose in a correct and standard way, it causes pressure on a part of the hose, or in other cases, the hose collectors are handmade, which are made by tools such as nails and rods, which causes scratches. It is on the surface of the hose.

Another thing that can affect the life of the product is the type of hose used.

Every hose has the ability to withstand pressure, if more pressure is applied to the hose, it will burst in a short period of time, which will make the product ineffective.


These were the maintenance points and conditions that a product must pass. But in all the cases mentioned above, there can be differences depending on the type of hose. Hoses have a high diversity in raw materials. But the types that are suitable for agriculture are as follows. PVC hoses – thermoplastic hoses – rubber hoses

PVC hoses

pvc hose

pvc hose

PVC hoses are known for durability and cheap price. These products are one of the best options for agriculture. In addition to their high quality, these products have a much lower price than similar products with other materials. Due to the high variety in these products, it is difficult to choose, but having knowledge about PVC hose and knowing the amount of work required from the hose can make the right choice.

If you want these products for very heavy irrigation, several points should be mentioned. The first point is the heaviness of the hose. The second point is the number of product layers. The third point is additives such as thread that increases the hose’s bearing capacity.

Each of these mentioned items, if there are more, increases the quality and efficiency of the product


Thermoplastic hoses

Iran Lassa five-layer smooth surface hose

Iran Lassa five-layer smooth surface hose

Thermoplast hose or PVC reinforced with rubber powder, which includes some features of rubber hoses. These products are one of the suitable options for agricultural hoses because, along with the good properties of PVC and rubber, they have a reasonable and affordable price.

Rubber hoses

In terms of resistance, these products can be placed in a high position, but this point should be kept in mind that due to its high price, it is not cheap and it is not widely used.

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