Silicone hose

silicone hose

silicone hose

silicone hose is a synthetic compound with low thermal conductivity, chemical reactivity and toxicity. In the most basic definition, elastomeric silicone is like rubber, which is combined with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This gives silicone hoses a high degree of chemical and heat resistance. These durable properties make silicone hoses perfect for a variety of ducting applications involving high temperature air and steam transfer. We,, offer a wide selection to meet the needs of high temperature applications.

Thermal resistance of silicone hose

These high temperature silicone tubing products are made by incorporating fiberglass into the silicone to provide a duct with flexibility and high temperature resistance. Our silicone conduit products have an excellent temperature range with hoses that can operate down to -65°F and up to 550°F. This excellent heat resistance makes high temperature tubing ideal for applications such as automotive and marine vehicle exhaust systems that require the transfer of high temperature air and steam without damaging the hose material.


In addition, many types of these materials are extremely strong and have a double layer construction that makes it difficult for even the most destructive types of abrasives to puncture or tear the hose. Additionally, its longevity and flexibility make silicone channel ideal for long-term installations and sensitive areas where immediate maintenance may not always be possible.

Advantages of silicone hoses

For consumers who need consistent, consistent airflow through their flexible ducts, silicone hoses are a godsend. Their anti-twist properties prevent the hose material from twisting on itself or with other lengths of conduit. This feature helps prevent clots and blockages from forming along your silicone hose and is fully capable of providing the consistent and reliable airflow you need. The anti-twist property additionally helps ensure the longevity of your ducts but allows them to remain functional and undamaged.

silicone hose

silicone hose


Our silicone hoses are available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of a wide variety of applications from light air to heavy duty chemical exhaust systems. To tailor the product to suit your application needs, these silicone conduit products are available in a wide range of wall thicknesses to allow you the most cost-effective option to suit your needs. In general, the thicker the wall thickness of silicone hoses, the less overall flexibility they will have. For this reason, it is important to check the specifications of any type of silicone conduit you intend to use to see if it meets the needs of your particular situation. This high temperature pipe is also available with insulation and hose ends in addition to different grades and wall thicknesses


With cuff connections, you can easily connect the silicone channel to the connection points, allowing you to connect several hoses together and directly to devices that need to transport air and smoke. To prevent flex fatigue, which occurs when the hose loses its strength after repeated bending, we offer a channel made with Nomex material. Nomex material is known for its exceptional flexibility properties as well as its exceptional resistance to high temperature conditions, making it a great addition to your ductwork applications that require hose that is constantly bending and maneuvering in high temperature work environments. it is famous. Nomex is just one of the materials used in silicone hose to make it a truly versatile, high-performance product.

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