sucker hose

Soaker hose

Soaker hose

sucker hose  Efficient irrigation is very important for every home owner who likes to garden, considering the current and future water shortage. When you use the absorbent hose for irrigation, you will notice the economy and efficiency of this product compared to other products.

What is a sucker hose?

This product is distinguished by its design and features. These hoses are similar to most other garden hoses, but there is one major difference. The suction hose has tiny pores along its length, not much different from the pores on your skin. These holes allow water to slowly drain out of the hose.


When this product is placed in the garden, the low water pressure allows an efficient flow from the hose directly to the base of the plants. This means you get more water to the root system and less water in places where it evaporates quickly.

Another feature of this product is its easy handling. When using, very little maintenance and watering is required.

How does a soaker hose work?

The porous material in this hose allows water to seep out at a uniform and slow speed. This allows water to irrigate the ground around the base of your plants where it is needed most.

Another feature of this product is easy to use without the need of any equipment, which is very economical. Normally, this product is produced in 25, 50 and 100 meters.



To use, it is enough to put it in the desired place, it is better to place it near the plants for more efficiency. After placement, there is no need to change the location, unless you need to cover different areas. And it is enough to connect and open the hose to the water tap to start the irrigation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soaker hose

Soaker hose

In fact, the issue that is discussed in the use of hose is water pressure. In response to this question, it should be said that contrary to expectations, this product does not require high pressure.


The porous material of the hose works very well in keeping the water pressure low.

Another question that is asked is about saving water? The answer is yes. This hose performs irrigation in the best possible way to avoid wasting this capital. This is mostly due to the way water is distributed.

By thinking a little about the traditional irrigation that is done by hand, it can be concluded that the water may reach the roots less and a greater share will reach the branches and leaves, which increases the possibility of decay, but with the use of sucker hose, there is no need to worry about this. you will not have

All the water released by this product goes directly to the area near the root system of your plants.

Another advantage of this hose is saving time. Using traditional methods in watering plants is very time-consuming and difficult.


Once you have placed an absorbent hose in your garden, you only need to turn it on for a certain amount of time to achieve the desired results. And you no longer need to stay and monitor how the water is distributed and flow, and you don’t even need to move the hose.


This product is very suitable for gardens with a large area so that once the hose is placed in the place, there is no need to do it again.


All material presented in this article is for general informational purposes only. All use of the products mentioned in this article should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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