Steel coated hose

Steel coated hose

Steel coated hose

Steel coated hose are hoses that can withstand high pressure and have unique applications.

If we want to talk about this hose from a more detailed perspective, we can talk about the type of material and its texture. These hoses usually consist of two layers, the lower and hidden layer of the hose can be different materials such as PVC, rubber, rubber, etc. The upper layer of the hose is made of aluminum, which is woven into thin strands with different textures.


One of the main uses of this shingle can be used in hot springs, packages, bathroom hoses and siphons. Due to its resistance to pressure and temperatures, this hose can be considered suitable for bathroom and water heater hoses.


Appearance of steel coated hose

In terms of appearance, the lower layer of the hose is completely hidden, and the upper layer of the hose, which is considered the same as the aluminum layer, is woven on top of each other in different ways. The type of texture that is woven on is also important. Because the type of texture has caused more tension and higher resistance of the hose. The best type of weaving that can be done on the steel coated hose is the trapezoidal weaving where the aluminum threads are placed one on top of the other.

Steel coated hose

Steel coated hose


being flexible

The flexibility of this hose depends on two factors. The first factor is the bottom layer, which is flexible depending on the quality of the materials used. For example, if it contains MBR powder in its composition, it can have high elasticity and flexibility properties.

As the lower layer plays a role in these properties, the upper layer is also involved in these properties. The flexibility of these hoses can depend on their texture.



Advantages and disadvantages of hose

One of the advantages of this hose is its wide use.

One of the disadvantages of this product is the lack of color variety, which keeps buyers’ hands tied.

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