Twin hose

Twin hose

Twin hose

Twin hose is one of the many types of hose family. Regarding the number of layers, it can be said that these products mainly consist of three layers of materials. Among the behavioral characteristics, he mentioned high resistance to oxygen and resistance to reactivity to gases. Other features include preventing wear or melting by external factors. One of the main applications that are mostly used in welding and cutting and such things. Twin hoses are mostly used in welding and cutting and are one of the most widely used hoses in welding and cutting machines. Most of these products are produced in two sizes, which is generally the air transfer hose which has a blue color and the red fuel transfer hose.

Gas air hose or cutting air hose are other names that this product is known and famous for in the market. This product is produced in several red and green or red and blue colors, each of which is connected to a tank separately.

Buy a hose

Different types of these products can be found in the market, but choosing the right one that depends on our needs can be difficult. The existence of properties in each of them has created differences that have distinguished these products from each other.

Due to the presence of profit-seeking people and low-quality materials, fake and low-quality products have entered the market. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some points.

One of the things to pay attention to when buying is the color of the product. One of the features of the high-quality product is the transparent and shiny color that is integrated on the hose. But the difference with the low-quality product is the amount of gloss and transparency of the color. A point that should be mentioned is the color quality in all parts of the product. If there is a color difference in different places, it can be concluded that the product is not produced with first-class materials.

Smell is considered one of the main factors for hose detection. It is one of the very fast and easy ways to detect the smell of the hose. If the product smells bad, it indicates the low quality of the used materials, if the product smells of plastic or has a slight smell, it indicates the high quality of the materials.


Length and diameter


One of the factors that should be considered when buying is length and diameter. Buy the hose based on your needs, which you should have thought about beforehand. One of the other features that can be used to distinguish a high-quality product is the existence of a standard size that can be easily connected to its source.

Types of air cutting hoses

The cut air hose is divided into three categories, namely, single air, single gas, and twin, which were briefly explained above.


Applications of these products


Twin air cutting hose is mostly used in welding and cutting industry.

Another type of air hose is cutting, called single air hose, which is known by other names such as blue or wind. The size of these products is usually 8 mm and most of the uses of these products are in the transmission of wind and gas.

Another hose that is known for its high quality and first-class materials is the single red or gas hose. One of the appearance features of this product is the wide opening of the hose, which is produced and marketed in various sizes. The size that is most used is other 10 for this product.

The double air cutting hose of the gas hose type performs the interface between the transfer of the required gases to the welding head or the cutting head.

Another popular hose among consumers is the single water type. This product is used for air or wind transfer and most of them are designed in size 3 which can be used in head and pistols and it is better to know that the color of this hose is also blue.

Korean welding hose is another type of air cutting hose that is produced in different sizes and colors and has a diameter of 6 mm. This hose is mostly used in Korean and fiber welding.

Twin hose price

These products have different prices due to variety. These hoses have many different agents for determining the price, which can have a direct effect on the price. The reason is because of the different options and the way of making and using quality parts.

Due to importing some raw materials from other countries and financial market fluctuations, currency and dollar have a direct effect on product prices.

The size is also effective. In general, the larger the length and size, it has a direct relationship with its price.

The price of the twin hose, along with the quality, attracts the attention of consumers, and customers expect to buy a quality product in order to use it for a long time, and if the product does not have an excellent result, their purchase will definitely remain unsuccessful. stayed

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