PVC hose and its benefits

PVC hose and its benefits

PVC hose and its benefits

In this article, we are going to introduce PVC hose and discuss its advantages, so that we can help you in the optimal selection and purchase process. First of all, it is necessary to know that PVC is a plastic material, while silicone hose is a rubber material. Its main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride. This product is used in many different industries such as construction materials, packaging, etc.

What is a PVC hose?

PVC hoses are actually made of a type of thermoplastic material called polyvinyl chloride. The use of this hose started in 1960 and until now it has been highly welcomed in various industries. One of the features that made this type of hose to be used more is its weight and lower price compared to silicone hoses.

PVC, as we mentioned before, is a hard material that uses lubricants to soften it. This substance is produced in large quantities by petrochemical companies. Hoses made with this material are called PVC hoses.

What is the production of PVC hose?

This product is made of a flexible tube made of polyvinyl chloride. The production process includes three stages of composition, extrusion and finishing .In the first stage, PVC raw materials are mixed with stabilizers, additives and softeners to become a completely homogeneous mixture. PVC material is actually hard and rigid and becomes flexible by adding softeners, and by adding stabilizers to PVC material, it increases resistance to external factors such as water and weather. And according to the type of application, other additives such as pigments, fillers, etc. are added.

Now it is the turn of the second stage, that is, the composition. In this step, the raw materials are weighed and mixed in the right proportions And then they enter the extruder where they melt under the influence of heat. When the homogeneous mixture is completely melted, it is cooled and made into small chips. The next stage of hose production is extrusion, during which the materials are turned into a tube. And this tube mold is different depending on the specifications of the hose, such as diameter, thickness, etc. In the last step, it is pulled out of the mold by the transport device and after cooling it is used.

PVC hose and its benefits

PVC hose and its benefits

Advantages of using PVC hose

This product, like other products, has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we intend to address in detail so that it is not boring for you. The noteworthy point is that in this type of hose, with the advancement of technology in all industries. Its scope of application has become wider and it has found a special place in the industry.

Having light weight

These types of hoses have less weight due to their special chemical texture. The reason for its light weight is due to its molecular density. Therefore, the more the number of molecules in the structure, the more the weight increases.


 PVC hoses have relatively better resistance to heat and pressure. These types of hoses are used at high temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and at low temperatures up to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and in fact, this temperature range makes them used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, heating and cooling systems.

These types of hoses have different pressure resistance depending on their thickness, and they are basically resistant to high pressure.

It is also resistant to chemicals such as acids, solvents, and alkalis, and this has made it safe to use in industries such as petrochemicals, agriculture, etc.

Flexibility and easy maintenance

Another good feature that has made this type of hose more widely used in various industries is its flexibility, which has caused it to be inserted at various angles because it is easily bent and malleable, and it should be mentioned. It is also very easy to maintain and install.And as a result, you do not need special equipment to install it.

All kinds of PVC hoses

Hoses are made in different types and sizes, each of which has its own specific uses and are used in domestic, industrial, agricultural, food, etc. In domestic use, we can refer to water hoses that are used to transfer water in houses and buildings.

PVC hoses are used in the industry for communication between devices and machines, which are more welcomed due to the features we mentioned above, such as being resistant to chemicals, heat and pressure.The hoses used for agricultural purposes and irrigation of gardens and fields are resistant to sunlight and weather conditions because they are used in the open environment.Hoses in the food industry have standards that are used for the food industry or in animal husbandry and agriculture.


Buy PVC hose at a reasonable price

Although these products have many properties and features, they are very affordable in terms of price. Maybe you are curious like us, what is the reason for its low price? There are several reasons, one of which is the industrial nature and abundance of PVC raw material, which is produced in large quantities by petrochemicals, and another factor is having a simple composition in the manufacture of PVC hoses.

You, dear consumer, with a little research and inquiry from reliable manufacturers, you can get the product you need at the right price according to its application.

final word

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the benefits of using this type of hose. As you have noticed, this product is considered an efficient tool for transferring liquids and fluids in industries and is widely used around the world. take

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