PVC and its advantages

PVC and its advantages

Today, in this educational article, we are trying to introduce you to the most extraordinary material that has its own extraordinary features, PVC. This extraordinary substance is one of the most widely used chemical compounds, which with the passage of time and the progress of science, not only does not become old, but day by day it also has more and more applications and is used in various industries. Stay with us to learn more about its properties and uses. 

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which is the main component of PVC vinyl chloride. Today, it is considered one of the most important and widely used plastics in the industry. This material is among the thermoplastic polymers that are hard and flexible.One of the reasons that makes this material widely used is its reasonable price and easy use in industries.

How is PVC produced?

Vinyl chloride monomer is produced from the combination of ethylene and chlorine and its breaking during the cracking process. In the process of producing this extraordinary material, i.e. (PVC), the simple molecular units of vinyl chloride monomer are linked during the polymerization process, as a result of this process, molecular chains called polymers are formed. is created . This material easily produces structures with different characteristics by adding additives and softeners. PVC was produced by several different methods such as extrusion, immersion, rotary coating methods.

Suspension polymerization and emulsion polymerization are among the most important production methods in the world In suspension polymerization, PVC beads are granules with a size of 50 to 250 micrometers. In emulsion polymerization, PVC grains are in powder form.

What are the uses of PVC?

So far, we are very familiar with this amazing material and its manufacturing steps, now we want to briefly discuss the uses of this material. As we mentioned above, it is very practical because of its reasonable price and easy use.It is also considered a widely used material in the construction industry and has become a good substitute for traditional materials such as wood and cement. This material is used in the production of all kinds of hoses, electrical wires and cables, water and sewage piping, making pipes, channels and installable accessories, magnetic marking of smart cards, etc.

What are the most important properties and characteristics of PVC?

In fact, a series of features that we mention have made this material very practical and used in different industries and become more popular day by day. If you are excited like us, join us to introduce you to these features and characteristics.

Having high strength

This material is very resistant and strong against physical damage and breaking. And this very important feature has made this material to be a widely used material in the field of protecting objects and even humans.

Being resistant to environmental factors

Another unique feature of this material is its resistance to unfavorable weather conditions such as humidity, temperature changes, heat, etc. It is also very resistant to chemicals, oils and weak acids, which makes it useful in various fields in the industry.

Ability to change features, processability and ordering

Another feature of this product is the ability to combine with additives or other materials. As a result, its physical and chemical properties can also be adjusted. PVC materials are flexible and can be transformed into different products through processes. These two mentioned factors have made products tailored to the customer’s needs to be produced.

Reasonable price of PVC

The price is considered one of the important factors and should not be ignored. PVC or polyvinyl chloride materials are more affordable and economical compared to many plastic materials, and it has caused more desire to use them in the industry.

Electrical insulation and PVC recycling

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is non-conductive against electric current and does not pass the current through itself, so it is used in cables. This valuable material can be recycled and in the recycling cycle it reduces plastic waste and helps to protect the environment.


What are the most important advantages of using PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride or (PVC) as a multi-purpose plastic has important advantages, and in fact, these numerous advantages have made PVC become a widely used material to be used in various industries. Here we discuss its most important advantages.

This material has the ability to be flexible and change its shape. It is cheap and besides the low and reasonable price, it is very durable and has a long shelf life. It is resistant to pests, pollution and corrosion, very low consumption, and PVC can be considered a product with sustainable production.


Another advantage of this material is that it is very widely used and is used in various industries. And because of its special structure, it is very flexible and has the ability to change shape.

Disadvantages of using PVC

This substance is harmless if used correctly, but it may harm human health due to the leakage of some additives. Another disadvantage is that this material can be harmful if burned or buried

What factors affect the price of PVC?

As we mentioned above, the reasonable price of PVC is one of the reasons for the widespread use of this material, however, a series of factors cause its price to decrease or increase, one of which is the type of product and the other is having chemical and physical characteristics. To know the right price, you can find out about its real price through research or contacting suppliers.

last word

We tried to introduce you to this unique material, and as you know, PVC is considered a widely used product in all fields of industry and has many advantages. With the passage of time and the development of technology, not only its use did not decrease, but it was used day by day in new industries.


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