Hose package

Hose package

Hose package

Package hose can be divided into different categories. This type of hose can be produced and supplied in various forms. But in general, these products can be found in two types. The first type is woven wire made from aluminum metal. This coating has created a resistant layer that gives the product proper strength and a resistant coating.

The second type is black hoses that have a simple appearance.


But these products can be classified in a different way. Materials and types of consumables used in production can create another category.

The package hose can be made from various materials such as PVC, thermoplastic and rubber. In the following, each of the items is explained.

Wicker hoses or steel coated hoses

These products are produced from two different parts. The first layer can be produced according to the above mentioned types of negatives. The upper layer is a steel layer that is woven together in the form of threads.

Black hoses for package hose

Black color indicates high power in pressure control. Usually, this category of products is produced in several compressed layers.

The price of these products depends on the type of materials used. Among the materials participating in the birth, PVC has a lower price due to its abundance.

These products can be found in several layers of materials and threads. Due to the reasonable price and the features that these products have, they are a suitable option for this work.

Rubber hoses, besides their properties and high resistance, also have a relatively high price. In terms of resistance, they are a good option, but it cannot be said that they are economical. The high price is one of the factors that make it difficult to sell them. And compared to PVC hoses, it has failed.

Thermoplast hoses (reinforced PVC)

It can be said that this option is superior to other options.

One of the main reasons is the properties of rubber. Due to the presence of rubber powder in the formulation, this product has high resistance and tolerance, and on the other hand, due to the presence of PVC powder, it has a reasonable price.

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