hookah hose

hookah hose

hookah hose

hookah hose can be defined in two categories: single-use and multi-use.

One of the materials that plays a significant role in making these products is PVC.

One of the characteristics of the hookah hose is its colorful and generally single-layer appearance. Due to the lack of high working pressure, these hoses can be produced with very low costs. The pricing of these products can be done in two ways: per meter and per kilo.


Among the features of these products, we can mention the low price and the absence of thread and other additives. One of the other features of these products can be single layer. In one-time use, the cost is not taken into consideration and more economical products are considered.

Another feature of these products is high and varied coloration, which can be produced in any color.

Another feature that has increased the desire to consume these products is the flexibility in determining the criteria of these products. So that you can produce the product according to the desired budget. The effective price criteria are as follows.

  • Product thickness (weight)
  • Type of materials used (granules – oil)
  • Hookah hose order amount




The thickness of the product has a direct relationship with the weight, and if we want to increase the thickness of the product, as a result, its weight will increase, which affects the price.

consuming materials

The type of consumables is one of the main pricing factors. These materials can be produced in two categories: transparent and coated.

Transparent materials have a higher price than covering materials. Among other properties, we can mention the transparency and gloss, which can also be seen inside the hose.

Covering materials are the same transparent materials that have been mixed with some additives to make them cheaper. These products are not pure and have additives. The non-transparent surface and lack of gloss can be mentioned among the properties of these products.

Hookah hose order amount

Order size is another pricing factor. It cannot be said that it can have a big impact on the price, but depending on the number of orders, there can be changes in the price.

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