Hose production

sarsabz plastic hose

sarsabz plastic hose

Lush Plastic Hose Manufacturing has become one of the top manufacturers in the hose production industry by producing three categories of Iran Lassa, Atlas and Aras products. Lush plastic production with nearly 22 years of experience and history in this industry and making unrivaled products in the market has been able to win many honors including customer satisfaction.

Green plastic hose production by owning the popular brands of Iran Lassa and Atlas and producing products with global standards and expanding its market to neighboring countries has been very successful in exporting this product and has been able to promote the brands of Iran Lassa and Atlas become a world

Hose production

Hose production


Sales markets

The main production export of Lush plastic hose has been to Asian countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, although Lush plastic, having the European CE standard, also has a share of exports in Europe. has it .

The European countries that want the products of this collection can be summarized as Turkey, Germany, Russia and Spain.

In addition to foreign markets, Lush Plastic also has access to the domestic market, and having official sales representatives in the main cities has greatly contributed to the sale of this collection.

In addition to having numerous sales representatives and after-sales services, Lush Plastic has guaranteed all the products produced in this production. which has been implemented for the first time in this industry.

Production standards

The global standards of this company include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10004, ISO 4079 and CE Europe.

The standards that are used domestically can be the quality management certificate approved by Iran’s National Certification Center, which shows the high quality of the products of this collection.


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