Production of water hose

Production of water hose

Production of water hose

When buying a water hose, due to the wide variety of Production of water hose, and not having proper knowledge of this popular product, especially in the hot seasons of the year, the buyers face a difficult and difficult choice. All seasons and different weather conditions have become one of the most popular manufacturers in this industry.


In this article, we describe different types of water hoses so that you can get a product with a suitable and useful life by choosing the right one.

Satin colored transparent thread hose

Atlas colored transparent hose is one of the most popular hoses for indoor use.

Due to the two-layer structure of high-quality PVC material and a layer of dense thread, this hose has created a hose with good endurance in the weather conditions of our country.

Among the salient features of this hose, it can be mentioned that it has a suitable relative resistance to freezing and heat tolerance, which are opposite points of each other.

This Atlas water hose has become one of the best options for buyers in the country by withstanding 5 bar water pressure.


Heavy Atlas German crystal design Production of water hose

Atlas heavy crystal German design hose can be considered as a popular product in Arab countries, because due to the climate of Arab countries and the presence of higher temperatures than other countries, this hose has been able to show a very high resistance.

Although this Atlas product has many fans in our own country in addition to warm countries.

This hose, with a different and beautiful design and a thread layer with an extremely strong structure, has been able to withstand 5 times of pressure, making it an excellent product for hot areas.

Production of water hose

Production of water hose

Black woven net hose

Turbaft hose in black is a popular product in Sarsir region, and the main export of this product is to European countries.

In addition to having a very beautiful appearance, this product has a good resistance to cold and freezing, which has led to a long life of this product.

The main uses of this hose are irrigation of gardens and gardens.

The color used in the threads of this product has created a transparent color and suitable elasticity of the hose, which is considered another feature of the product.

4 bar pressure tolerance is one of its indicators.


Colored top PVC hose

Colored top PVC hose is considered one of the most economical hoses produced by Lush Plastic Hose, whose main market is African countries and the domestic market.

This hose is one of the normal Atlas brand hoses with 3 bar pressure tolerance.

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