iran lasa

sarsabz plastic hose

sarsabz plastic hose

Lasa is one of the famous and green plastic export brands of Iran. This brand has a special formulation that has brought a product different from the market products, which has high resistance characteristics, including acceptable pressure tolerance.

The products offered under the Iran Lassa brand are all certified by international standards, including the quality management certificate approved by Iran’s National Certification Center, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10004, ISO 4079 and CE Europe.

A lush production of plastic, by exporting Iran’s products to all parts of the world, Lassa has been able to gain a good name in the market inside and outside of Iran.



This company has started to produce unique products in terms of quality by having an experienced and experienced staff and a special formulation. In this article, we would like to get acquainted with the products of Lassa Iran.


Iran Lassa five-layer smooth surface hose

Iran Lassa five-layer smooth surface hose

Iran Lassa five-layer hose with a smooth surface, as its name suggests, has five layers of reinforced materials under a special formulation with super-reinforced fabrics from the best additives and main materials. This hose has acceptable resistance and flexibility. One of the most common functions of this product is the transfer of liquids and gases under pressure, which are used in industrial machinery and equipment.

The appearance of the hose

The product with a smooth surface appearance is produced in stretched sack packages from size 3.8″ to size 2″ and is ready to be presented to consumers. This type of hose is in the industrial category according to the type of use.


Iran Lasa single layered hose

Iran Lasa single layered hose

Iran Lasa’s single-layer ribbed hoses are made of thermoplastic material, which has the quality approved by the quality control department of Lushplastic Company. The raw materials of this product are prepared under the supervision of chemical engineers to require maximum strength and elasticity in the product.

Single layer hose

One of the disadvantages of this hose is its threadless structure, which, due to its single layer, cannot withstand the transfer of condensate under a pressure of more than 3 bar. can be

The structure used in Iran Lasa ribbed single-layer hose is a high-quality carbon layer, which has been certified by Lashvar Plastic for its quality and authenticity.


Iran Lasa rubber hose

Iran Lasa rubber hose

Iran Lassa two-layer threaded hose with ribbed surface is another semi-industrial product of Iran Lassa, these hoses have a matte black appearance, similar to the appearance of rubber, and the blue line has prominent ribs on its surface, which is due to the exclusive packaging of Iran Lassa products. It is produced with a silver cover and quality assurance and guarantee label in the form of a cloth in the packaging and placed in the hands of the consumer.

One of the special features of Lassa double-layer threaded hose with a ribbed surface is the pressure tolerance of 10 to 15 bar, which is suitable for transferring condensates and non-corrosive gases under pressure, which according to the type of product quality and the type of production process in the semi-industrial category. It has placed itself in construction trades, equipment, tools and machinery in workshops and factories.

In addition to the domestic markets, these products are sold to most markets in the world, such as Iraq, Kuwait, Georgia, Afghanistan, Romania, etc. It is sent and has become one of the most popular products for export, which has great potential in terms of product growth.



Double-layer hose with smooth surface is semi-industrial hose that can withstand up to 10 bar.
The structure of Iran’s Lassa yarn hose

This Iran Lassa product has two layers of material and one layer of thread. The bottom layer of the hose is made of high-quality black material and the thread used is made of reinforced fibers.

The sizing of the two-layer threaded hose with a smooth surface is different according to the function and required performance.

The resistance of this product is one of the main indicators of the two-layer threaded hose that plays a significant role in choosing it.

Lassa two-layer threaded hose due to a layer of interwoven reinforced thread has made this product strong.

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