Industrial hose

Industrial hose

Industrial hose

One of the prominent features of industrial hose  is its high load bearing capacity.

Among other characteristics of this type of hose, he stated its color, elasticity and number of layers.

Normally, this hose is produced in black and dark colors, which indicates the industrial nature of the hose.


One of the misconceptions about industrial hoses is its use.

Many people believe that industrial hoses are more suitable than other hoses that have general uses due to the presence of strong layers. If this thinking is wrong and the result is the short life of the product and the destruction of the hose, because the is made suitable for the industrial space and is not suitable for other activities.


From the general functions of this hose, factories and devices can be seen.

This type of hose is used in the transfer of condensates and gases under high pressure and power.

The type of connection of these hoses is also challenging because the installation of this hose should have a strong connection due to the high pressure applied, although it should not damage the hose.



The price is one of the main characteristics in determining the purchase of a hose.

The price of these hoses is determined based on their structure. From the price criteria, we can refer to the number of layers, the number of yarn layers and the type of yarn, the quality of the materials used, the color of the product and the materials and the composition of the shell.

The main material used in this hose is thermoplastic.

Thermoplast is reinforced PVC, which has a much higher load bearing capacity than PVC.

PVC is mainly used in general and semi-industrial hoses.



PVC engineering

It is not recommended to use these hoses outdoors because natural factors such as the sun and wind cause erosion and eventually destroy the hose.

Due to the use of these hoses in industrial devices, ensuring the complete health of the hose has increased the sensitivity of the work, and due to the high pressure transmissions, any failure can cause a wide range of failures, for these reasons, it is recommended to use this hose in a closed space. .
Hose standard

One of the important points when buying a hose that attracts the attention of many people is the standard of the hose.

The steps of obtaining the standard are considered to be much more difficult than making the hose.

In order to get the hose standard, one should refer to the reliable organizations in this field and after the success of the testing process, the standard will be issued.

Lush Plastic has become one of the best brands in this big industry with the latest world standards including CE Europe, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE Europe and Iran’s quality certification standard.


Color of industrial hose

The color of industrial hoses is usually produced in dark color.

In the hose industry, dark color indicates the industry, which is a characteristic to distinguish it.

Of course, it should be noted that industrial hoses may be produced in other colors upon the order of the buyer.

Usually, the color used in these colored products is reinforced, which creates a strong surface, although due to the high quality of materials and color used in the hose structure, this product is less flexible than other types of hose. has been

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