Laundry hose

Laundry hose

Laundry hose

Washing hose can have different types. This article is dedicated to ordinary laundry hose . One of the main functions of this hose is to transfer hot and cold water. One of the main challenges of this product is temperature.

Another challenge of these products is flexibility and useful life. The type of placement of the washing machine may damage the hose. As a result, it is recommended to use a product that has good flexibility and resistance.
How do we know if a hose is suitable?

To find the answer, you have to answer some questions and answers.

The first item that should be checked is the amount of hose cover. It was very easy to recognize. The mantle is said to be the thickness of the hose, the higher the thickness, the better the quality of the hose.


The second item is flexibility. Due to the location of the washing machine, it is not recommended to use dry hoses. Normally, hoses have some flexibility and are suitable. To test the flexibility, you can bend both ends of the hose by hand to get the flexibility of the hose.

Laundry hose

The third item is the additional material included in the hose. Threads are one of the main factors in increasing the power of hoses. There are different types of threads, which in short have differences in thickness. The higher the thickness of the thread, the stronger the integrated texture in the hose.

The fourth item is the material used in the hose formula, which is not easy to identify and requires specialized tests.


These products usually have washers on both ends that are connected to the tanks. If it is not sealed well, it may cause leakage.

The bearing capacity of Laundry hose is between 3 and 7 times, and PVC hoses are very suitable. Another main issue is temperature, which again PVC hoses can withstand this temperature.


The price of these products varies depending on the type of material, length, type of gasket and hose coating. But it can be concluded that PVC hoses have a better price than similar products.


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