All kinds of food hose

All kinds of food hoses

All kinds of food hoses

There are different types of hose used in industries and food, each of which is classified according to the type of pressure and work it is used for.

All kinds of food hoses

  • Spring water fountain hose
  • Fountain hose
  • Transparent hose (one to several layers)
  • Tygon transparent hoses
  • Silicone hoses
  • Food hose inside Teflon
  • Steel coated PVC hose


Spring water fountain hose

One of the products that can have many uses in the food industry is spring water fountain hoses. Due to the presence of a spring in its structure, this hose has high resistance and elasticity, which has given the product a long life. On the other hand, due to the type of materials and compounds, they have higher thermal resistance than hoses that are only made of PVC.


Medical hose

Medical hose



Fountain hose

These materials are generally made and produced from PVC materials. The ingredients of these products must be non-toxic due to their medical and food uses, which have a direct effect on the production process. These hoses are produced in one layer and often transport materials with low pressures. In general, the load tolerance of these products is 3 times, but this number can be changed by changing the mantle or the thickness of the hose.

Types of food hose – transparent hose

The difference between this model and the fountain hose is the number of layers. Different types of this transparent hose are used for food, but this model is mostly used in places that require higher pressure. In these products, things like threads and other health additives can be used for strengthening.

Tygon transparent hoses

These products are known for their resistance to chemicals and the main use of this category is in laboratories and sanitary devices. Due to the use of high-quality materials and perfect sanitary conditions in the production of these hoses, they are non-toxic and are also used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Silicone hoses

Silicone hoses or fireproof and pure hoses are the names that come to mind when we think of silicone hoses. These hoses are used in various industries such as medicine, food, pharmaceutical and health. Due to the existence of high elasticity and high temperature resistance, these products can be considered special and in matters that need to withstand high or low temperatures.

fire hose

fire hose


Food hose inside Teflon

Food hoses inside Teflon, like PVC hoses, have two types of threaded and spring. As the name suggests, the inner shell of these products is Teflon. One of the properties that Teflon gives to this hose is strong insulation for electricity. These products can also be placed in the category of non-toxic and odorless products. One of the main functions of these items can also be mentioned for the transfer of preb food. Due to the type of materials used in this product, it is very suitable for transferring fats. Other functions of this category can be used in induction furnaces, melting and rolling, and castings.

Steel coated PVC hose

They are another type of PVC hoses with aluminum thread layers woven on it. The main use of this hose is for places that have uniform changes that may damage the texture of the product. One of the characteristics that this coating has given to the product is impact resistance, which prevents the damage of the ribbing to the underlying tissue.

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