sarsabz plastic hose

sarsabz plastic hose

sarsabz plastic hose

Perhaps the first question that comes to your mind when buying a hose is which product will be better and more useful for us.

Unfortunately, most people make the wrong purchase when they do not have the right information about the use and maintenance conditions of the hose, which results in a short life and the destruction of the product after a while.

This product, like any other device, will be destroyed after some time if it is used improperly. One of the main factors in the breakdown and explosion of these products is improper use, which stems from not having enough information about its maintenance conditions.

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In this post, we want to explain the correct maintenance conditions.

But before anything, we have to explain about the right choice for our needs.

Hoses have different capabilities based on the materials used, layers and threads in their structure, each of which is classified for a job.

In general, multi-layered hoses (more than 3 layers) that have threads in their structure are in the industrial category, which are mostly used in industrial devices.

The hoses that are in the industrial category are not suitable for transferring water or gas at low pressure.

Hoses with characteristics such as the absence of thread or low thickness can be classified as low-power hoses, which are mainly used for decorative purposes.

The hoses that are placed in the decorative category are not suitable for high pressure water supply because it increases the possibility of tearing and damaging the product.

Hoses with the characteristic of having one to three layers with a PVC layered structure can be placed in the general category, which is one of the main uses of this hose for irrigation and agriculture.



This product in the general category has the highest number of errors among buyers when choosing.

General hoses are divided into several categories.

  • agriculture
  • heavy farming
  • Public


Agriculture category

Hoses with agricultural capabilities usually have two layers of materials, most of which are made of high-quality or black PVC in the bottom layer.

heavy handle

Hoses with heavy agricultural capability usually have two or three layers of excellent materials and one layer of thread that is interwoven and dyed with reinforcing materials in their structure. The main ingredients of this hose can be considered a combination of thermoplastic and PVC.

Among the other features of this type, we can mention long life, variety of measurements, resistance to the sun and suitable elasticity.

public category

Products with general capabilities are mostly used for low pressure level irrigation and washing, the lack of thread in their structure is one of its prominent features.

PVC and black are among the main ingredients.





The basic conditions for correct maintenance are:

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Completely drain the water inside
  • Placement in the right place
  • Proper use of power and performance
  • Avoid placing in the cold

Avoid placing the hose in direct sunlight sarsabz plastic hose

Avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible, because the sun’s rays that continuously hit the surface of the hose cause the destruction of the outer layer.

One of the main causes of rotting and damage of the hose can be called sunlight, because when the sunlight shines continuously and evenly on the surface of the product, it causes the tissue of the hose to fall, which after a period of cooling and heating. The tissue product is completely destroyed and useless.


Completely empty the water inside the hose

An item that may be forgotten or partially observed is emptying the water inside the hose, which is considered one of the most essential principles of long life.

The water that stays inside after finishing the work causes a high temperature increase at that point, which causes a lot of damage to the internal and external tissue.

With the continuation of this and after a period of time, the tissue is destroyed and it ruptures and bursts with the smallest impact.

Considering long areas, emptying the water completely is considered difficult and time-consuming, but with the help of the hose hangers, you can make sure that the water is completely removed and save time and product life.
Placement in the right place

One of the important and key issues in hose maintenance can be mentioned how to collect it.

Many people think that the wall is the right place to place the hose, but the important issue is the correct placement.

Using nails and screws to keep the hose on the wall is one of the most common methods for collecting, although if the hose holder is not suitable and cannot spread the force to all points, over time it will cause tearing at that point, which will damage the product. It is useless.


Proper use of the power and performance of the hose _ sarsabz plastic hose

Definitely, the secret of staying healthy for any device is how to use it.

One of the things you should ask yourself when buying a hose is what you want this hose for.

By finding the right answer, you may have extended the life of your hose.

sarsabz plastic hose  _  Each type of this product is made for a task and has its own information, for example, the garden hose is not suitable for industrial work because it does not have the necessary power to do the work.

Hoses are classified based on their load bearing capacity, which indicates the strength against the applied pressure.

When a load higher than its tolerance is applied, it causes bursting and tearing, although the possible bursting has a different duration depending on the quality and structure of the product.
Avoid placing in extreme cold

One of the things that may be forgotten and not given importance is collecting the hose in the cold season. which may have a significant increase in the life of the product.

As much as heat and sunlight damage the structure and structure of the hose, cold and frost can damage the structure and structure of the hose to the same extent.

The cold causes the hose to freeze, which causes the internal texture of the product to be destroyed after some time.

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