Wind hose

Wind hose

Wind hose

An air hose our wind hose is a device for transferring air from one place to another.

Due to their consumption and importance, these products have different thicknesses, sizes, meters and even colors.

There are key points in using this product that you should know before using it. One of these items is the length of the hose, which must maintain its standard size. In general, the length of this hose should be between 10 and 15 meters to maintain the pressure. Of course, another point that should be mentioned is the size. Certainly, the size of the inlet and outlet of the hose can have a direct effect on the pressure.

The use and purchase of these hoses should be proportional to the input of the device that uses it, and the hose can be considered suitable if its diameter and thickness are equal to the power of the device and its operation.

Wind hose type and material

You can buy these products in different formats. It is meant by sand material mold, which can be LASIK, PVC and polyurethane. Due to the high importance of these products, it is necessary to have a layer of interwoven thread.

As mentioned above, this hose can be produced in three types of materials, which we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of.

PVC hose

PVC has a significant contribution in the production of wind hoses, but since it is of great importance, these materials must be produced and manufactured in high purity without any additives. That is, in general, it must be first-class PVC. A point that should be mentioned is that these types of products should be chosen depending on the type of work. In the following, the advantages and disadvantages are mentioned.



One of the main advantages of these products is their abundance and reasonable price.

Among the disadvantages of these products, we can mention the lack of temperature tolerance. These products are not suitable for transferring gases with high or low temperatures.

Rubber hose

Another material that can be used to produce this type of hose is rubber.

Reminder rubber is a durable and heavy material. Rubber is known to be hard against corrosives, so gasoline does not affect it.

The advantages and disadvantages of these products can be mentioned below.


One of the main advantages of these products is high resistance and longevity. Due to the capabilities of MBR powder, the products of this type are resistant to UV light and various geographical locations. One of the other advantages is that it is one of the signs of rubber products.


Among the disadvantages, we can mention the heavy weight and high price of this category of products.



Polyurethane wind hose


The characteristics of these products are low weight and low flexibility. These hoses can be produced from polyurethane materials. Due to the materials and structure that are added during the production, these products get some features that create a quality product. Perhaps this product can be considered the best type of hose for wind transmission.

The advantages and disadvantages of this product are listed below.


One of the main advantages that makes the product unique is temperature tolerance. So that this product can withstand temperatures up to -30 degrees and continue to work. Of course, this point should be said that the use of this product is mostly used in industrial factories and its general use is very low.



Among the disadvantages of Wind hose is the lack of flexibility for the hose, which has made the process of use and collection difficult. So that it is suggested to place it in a fixed place. Another disadvantage of this product is the cracking that occurs during collection.


Overall result

It can be concluded that these hoses are more commonly used in PVC and rubber categories. Because PVC air hoses are used in most daily tasks. Of course, rubber hoses are not cheap because of their price.

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