Food industry hose

Food industry hose

Food industry hose

Before we describe the hose used in the food industry, let’s take a look at the definition of hose.- A hose is a hollow tube that has two ends. But the use and efficiency of this product cannot be expressed in this simple way.

Hoses are produced depending on the type of application they have, and the application can even affect the production process. For example, hoses that are used in medicine must be produced with materials and devices that have been sterilized in advance. Due to the nature and performance of some sensitive work with these products, there may be various processes in the production process.


Food industry hoses also have their own sensitivities and characteristics, for example, the use of high-grade materials in the production of these products creates challenges.




There are different types of hoses for the food industry in the market, which are selected according to the work that is being carried out from the hose. Most of these products are colorless (transparent), which indicates the use of first-class materials.

The materials of these products are different and several types of materials can be used in the production of these products.

Food industry hoses

  • PVC hose
  • Rubber hose
  • Silicone hose


There are other hoses, but most use the above items.

PVC hoses for the food industry


Food industry hose

Food industry hose



The production process and materials are complex to reach the standards of a good hose. Here we briefly explain the challenges of the production process.

In the production of this category, first-class materials should be used, from PVC granules to additives (oil). The softness and hardness of these products depends on the type of grade that is used in the production line. Another thing that can affect quality and other factors is additives. For example, one of these additives is oil, which in case of using low-quality oil or the limit of use in production causes the oil to return and causes the gradual loss of the appearance and surface of the hose.

He used these hoses to transfer sensitive condensates.

Silicone hoses

Silicone hoses are known as fireproof hoses, which are suitable for food industry hoses. These hoses are widely used in the medical industry due to their purity and completely non-toxic materials. Although they also have uses in the food industry. These products are very suitable for jobs that have high health sensitivities, but due to their high price compared to other similar products, they are not economically recommended.

Rubber hoses

Rubber hoses, in turn, have high resistance. The use of these products in the food industry, like silicone products, has special values, but these products are not economically recommended due to their high price.

Overall result

PVC hoses are used most of the time due to the performance of most of the work that products with other materials and the reasonable price they have.

PVC products can do many things like rubber and silicone hoses, and in few cases they can’t do it, so it can be concluded that PVC hoses are more suitable than other similar products.

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