fire hose

fire hose

fire hose

When it comes to fire hose , silicone products come to mind. Other different materials can be called as refractory materials, but due to the excellent properties and practical test that these products have, it is a wise decision to use these materials.

These materials are known to be pure. So that you can be sure that the ingredients are 100% pure. The presence of impurities in the hose can create a very clear effect on the product, and for this reason, pure materials are used in these products.

Features of silicone hose

Among the physical properties of this hose, we can mention the absence of smell and taste, which is the result of the pure materials used and produced. Color can be mentioned among other properties. It can be said that the color of most fireproof silicone hoses is colorless or milky.



One of the main features that make the majority of people buy this product is fire resistance or high temperature tolerance. Fireproof silicone hoses can withstand temperatures from -100 to +250 degrees Celsius.


Another attractive feature of these products is their excellent elasticity and flexibility. These products are more resistant to corrosion than rubber hoses. The thickness and meat of these hoses can be considered as an effective criterion for the product’s longevity and durability.

fire hose

fire hose


Application and function of silicone hose – fire hose

Due to the many capabilities and features mentioned above, this hose can be placed in the widely used category, so that it has many capabilities in the medical industry as well. Other uses of these fire hose s can be mentioned in the petrochemical industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, industrial machinery, industrial furnaces, etc. Due to the ability to withstand very low temperatures or very high temperatures, it is used in furnaces. Also, because of the flexibility and elasticity in these products, they are also used in machines.

Another use of this hose is to move liquids such as milk, which must be completely hygienic and free of any germs.


But due to the use of the best compounds and complex formulation of these products, it has a much higher price than other hoses. The high price difference between silicone products and the rest of the materials has made it difficult to buy these hoses and to some extent even discourages them. Therefore, transparent PVC hoses that have the same capabilities as these products are recommended. So that the main differences can only be expressed in temperature tolerance, but it is very similar in other features.

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