Use of a wicker hose

Wicker hose

Wicker hose

Wicker hose are another type of hoses that have unique uses and features.

These products are composed of two separate layers, which are produced depending on the type of load and work that is pulled from them.

The texture density of the hose top can be different depending on the load requirement, which has a direct effect on the price.

The bottom layer of these products can be various materials such as PVC hose, thermoplastic and rubber.

One of the main features is high temperature tolerance, which is used in industrial machines.

Applications of wicker hose

  • Use in industrial machinery
  • Use for fuel and liquids
  • normal use (home)

Use in industrial machinery

In fact, one of the main uses of these products can be used in machines. Heat tolerance is one of the reasons why this hose is suitable for industrial work.

One of the physical advantages of this product is the type of texture that is placed on the hose and reduces the vulnerability to the layers below, which can give the product a longer life.

High temperature, pressure, resistance and long life are among the features of this category.

Of course, this point should be taken into account that the underlying material should be examined to prevent problems. Normally, first-class reinforcement materials are used to perform high-power tasks.

Steel coated hose

Steel coated hose


Use for fuel and liquids

Another use of this hose is for fuel hoses.

Considering the importance of work, it is recommended to use products. that straw hoses are approved for this work. Due to the reaction of the fuel with the materials in the bottom layer of the hose, the use of any material is not recommended and is considered unusable. Due to the presence of corrosive compounds in the fuel and its incompatibility with the hose, after a short period of time it causes the hose to be destroyed. For this reason, it is recommended that the bottom layer of the fuel hose be made of materials with a reinforced formulation.

normal use (home)


Another use of these products can be found in homes. It is used in bathroom faucets.

The top of this product has a normal texture that has moderate flexibility.

You cannot have high sensitivity on the bottom surface and you can use normal materials as well.

Due to the normal pressure and temperature, this hose can have a long life.

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