Medical hose

Medical hose

Medical hose

The classification of medical hose is very diverse. One of the reasons that can be mentioned is the different types of raw materials that affect the production of these products.

These products can be produced from materials such as PVC and silicone.

These products have many uses in the medical industry that have unique applications.
Among their uses are:

  • Medical device parts
  • Condensate transfer tubes and arteries
  • Bacteriostat design
  • Use in laboratories


Medical hose materials

As mentioned, these products are produced in two different materials, PVC and silicone. But the point that should be considered is the differences in application, which should be contrasted with the capabilities of the hose.

Silicone hoses are known as first-class materials that have a relatively high cost. One of the positive points that can be said about these products is thermal tolerance, which has a high power. Other features of these products are elasticity and high flexibility. The price of these products is not cheap and they are mostly used in difficult applications.

The opposite of silicone products is PVC, which has some strengths. One of the main factors is the price. Due to the abundance of raw materials, these products have a reasonable price.

Medical hose

Medical hose


Another point is the degree of flexibility and elasticity, which can be equal to other similar products (silicone or rubber).

Another point to consider is the thermal tolerance of PVC products, which have an average tolerance. It is recommended not to use PVC products if doing things that require high temperature, and this is the only difference between silicone and PVC products.

PVC medical hose is usually produced according to the customer’s order, because the materials used in the structure of the hose must undergo changes.

These products usually have a clear color, although at the request of the customer, these hoses can be seen in different colors.

Due to the low price, these hoses are also suitable for disposable work. This is another important point. In the medical industry, it is customary to use disposable devices due to compliance with some points, and some hoses are classified as disposable due to their use. And with an initial inspection, you will notice that PVC is cheap.

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